Ocasio-Cortez's new 2020 challenger is a Republican immigrant from Jamaica

A member of Republican party named Scherie Murray, an immigrant from Jamaica, has now confirmed that she will run for the congress seat that is currently held by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. A businesswoman from New York, she is ready to take on Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in hopes to turn the seat.


Talking to Fox News, Murray wasn't hiding that she is deeply upset about the politics of her rival. She called AOC "a crisis," telling the journalists that she doesn't care about the people.

Instead, she spends time working on her image, trying to be a media star. Murray expressed her opinion that AOC made wrong moves supporting Green New Deal while sabotaging Amazon New York deal.


In her introduction video, Murray portrayed herself as someone who will help Queens and the Bronx as she knows how to create jobs, accusing AOC that she was doing the opposite. She also said that Democratic socialism promoted by Ocasio-Cortez is too far to the left and that Americans can't support that.

Murray is one of the five Republicans who will run for the seat. Others include medical journalist Ruth Papazian, construction contractor Miguel Hernandez, businessman Antoine Tucker, and former police officer John Cummings.

Analysts don't give much chance to any of these Republican candidates as Democrats have overwhelming support in the district. In her campaign, Murray is not mentioning President Trump or Republican Party, presenting herself as someone who puts people before politics.

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While in 2018 Anthony Pappas as Ocasio-Cortez GOP opponent won only 14 percent of the vote, Murray is optimistic. She believes people are sick of Ocasio-Cortez because her moves affected their lives only in negative ways. She also claims that she can build her way to a victory that would be a colossal achievement not only for her but also for the Republicans.

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