Officer Edward Nero cleared in Freddie Gray case

Officer cleared in Freddie Gray Case

Long awaited details of the Freddie Gray case finally crept out of the courtroom when Judge Barry Williams cleared Officer Edward Nero and sent him packing out of the courtroom. Officer Nero was charged with misconduct in office, assault, and reckless endangerment and found not guilty on all charges. Nero is one of six charged with a crime in the death of Freddie Gray. One officer cleared out of six and we await the results of the rest. officer nero cleared

Officer Nero and attorney left the courthouse today after the acquittal.

Freddie Gray died on April 19, 2015, about a week after he sustained spinal injuries while in custody of the Police. Officers handcuffed Freddie Gray and inserted him into a police transport van. Grey's seat belt was not placed on him and the driver allegedly made several hard turns that threw Gray around in the van. Baltimore residents rioted after Freddie Gray's funeral, destroying things, looting, and causing absolute chaos. These riots set back relations between police and residents and severed race relations among people more than anything. Even though someone was arrested and died, it did not make sense for residents to destroy their own town. The riots and looting? Nothing was gained from the riots, but everything was lost. You can tell by the looting and destruction that residents of Baltimore, Ferguson, etc used the death of a criminal as an excuse to riot and steal. When you're mad, you don't go outside and burn a store down, especially a store that you usually shop at. You don't burn down a retirement home or a pizza place. You don't steal. You don't destroy. All of that makes things worse. Riots don't and won't fix anything. Every riot that's ever happened has more negative implications than positive. Every single riot has been pointless. On one hand you have people saying - "he was a career criminal and it's better that he's not selling drugs anymore, so who cares?" On the other hand, people say "just because he's a criminal, doesn't mean he doesn't have family or the police can forget to do their job." I agree with both views. It IS better that Freddie Gray isn't selling drugs anymore. That's great. But guess what? Someone took over his job the day he was arrested. He's been replaced many times over. There will not be a day when the "war on drugs" is ever won unless we decide to legalize and tax everything. I agree that police officers should have put the seat belt on Gray, as that may have been proper protocol for securing a passenger. Who is the worst person in all of this? Freddie Gray was. If he wasn't consistently getting arrested or being a target of drug stings, then he would not have been in this situation. You can't get hurt by police or their vehicles if you don't get arrested. With a wrap sheet as long as Gray's, I'm surprised he wasn't hurt the other 16-17 times he was arrested. I'm shocked that he was still on the street selling dope and not in jail again. At the end of the day, Freddie Gray killed himself by putting himself in the lifestyle of a drug dealer. There is no one else to blame but him. What would people say if he was shot by a rival drug dealer or during a deal gone bad? Would people riot then? No. They only riot when the police are involved.

Court records show Gray was arrested more than a dozen times, going back to when he was 18, mostly in Gilmor Homes and mostly on charges of selling or possessing heroin or marijuana. He had a handful of convictions, and his longest stint behind bars was about two years.

He had two pending drug cases when he died. In one, he was charged with a felony, accused of selling heroin by police who said they had witnessed hand-to-hand exchanges and found drugs in a small potato chip bag hidden in a drainpipe.

Last year, he faced a charge that could have put him away for several years, but prosecutors agreed not to pursue the case in exchange for Gray serving 100 hours of community service. His attorney said the police account that Gray was acting as a lookout for a heroin dealer did not match images caught on a surveillance video.

People on social media continue calling for justice. You have justice because a known drug dealer is off the street. Residents of Baltimore should thank the police for working hard to keep the streets clean when it's obvious that their community isn't working to do much of anything. Freddie Gray Arrested On the contrary, I feel bad for Freddie Gray's family. He was a family member and when you lose one, you feel badly for them. No matter what his job was, he was still a son, brother, etc to someone. Someone in his family still misses the guy. No matter what crime he did or did not do, he was still a member of someone's family and those people miss him and don't ever get him back. I don't know what his homelife was like, but no family member deserves to see someone like this. Why didn't anyone in his family try to get him off the streets and out of drug dealing? Did Freddie Gray have any friends who weren't in the drug trade or was his entire circle nothing but criminals? The riots were terrible for the community and no one should riot when things like this happen. Most rioters use the death of a criminal as a means or excuse to riot and we all know that. Imagine life for the officers who've awaited trial. Their life has been uprooted as well. You know they don't sleep at night. Their families worried about them every day and even more now that this happened. Who is the real winner in this? None of us. We've all lost something in this, whether it was things destroyed during the riots, a family member turned drug dealer who passed away, or time wasted at work as six officers lost time at their job. Everyone involved in the officer cleared of the Freddy Gray case has a family involved and their lives have been changed. There is no winner in these situations unless people pull together and figure out a solution that actually works. baltimore-riot Riots, hate, segregating - none of that works and it's not what America stands for. I believe in justice when an officer acts in bad faith or clearly beats someone on video, but this is not one of those cases. This is a protocol not being followed, but there was no direct intent to murder anyone. The police may have made a mistake when securing him in the vehicle and should receive training or a consequence at work, but they do not deserve jail time or to be fired. If Freddie Gray wasn't a criminal with a huge wrap sheet, then maybe he wouldn't have been in this situation nor be arrested in the first place. It was ultimately Freddie Gray's life decisions that put him in the back of a police van. Freddie Gray's entire adult life is full of mistakes involving criminal activity and drug dealing. How many lives did Freddie Gray ruin by selling heroin? You don't hear about that because people don't riot when junkie overdoses. Freddie Gray's criminal lifestyle caught up with him. I wish his family well and I hope they move forward with a heavy heart and make intelligent decisions to better their lives and avoid awful situations like this. And please remember - Judge Barry Williams is black and the officer cleared is white.? That eradicates any existence of a systemic or racial injustice system. We cannot continue to call everything racist. Why can't we call this a case of a known criminal sustaining injuries from lack of following proper protocol? Sure, that's fine. That makes more sense. But we need to be color blind and look at the facts. We simply cannot call everything racist. It does not and will not ever help us grow together as humans. We are better than that and we deserve peace among us. Look at the bigger picture here - we should not let our family members become drug dealers. If Freddie Gray wasn't a drug dealer, then he wouldn't have been in the back of the police van with no seat belt in the first place. Where does this bad story begin? Find the root of the evil and let's not let that happen again. We need stronger parents and role models. We cannot continue to lose family members to drug dealership or overdosing, especially heroine. Here's the transcript of verdict from the court case. Let's accept the court decision and move on. If you cannot accept this court decision, then you are the problem.