Ohio jail sets free hundreds of inmates thanks to coronavirus

In a move that's being heavily criticized, a court in Ohio has released hundreds of inmates from the Cuyahoga County Jail amid the coronavirus outbreak and concerns.

The reason is because they don't want the COVID-19 spreading around the jail. Some of the inmates released were likely placed on house arrest, providing at least a small level of comfort to those in the area who are worried about criminals being released too early.

As seen on Fox 59, the county judges were holding a session to move cases along that came with a guilty plea. They attempted to settle those cases, then either put people in prison, put them on house arrest, or simply released them.

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It was administrative Judge Brendan Sheehan who mentioned that many inmates are in poor health and the coronavirus could take them out fairly quickly.

Sheehan also said, to the I-TEAM, “You gotta remember, the goal of this is to protect the community and the safety of the inmates. If someone’s a serious violent person, well, we’re using our discretion to make sure the community’s safe also."

Hopefully they used that discretion heavily if an inmate was convicted of violent crime.

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