Ohio lawmakers accidentally legalized marijuana

The Columbus City Attorney’s Office will not prosecute marijuana cases for now, and is going to drop existing ones. Sound surprising, right?

Well, the reason behind this strange decision is the Senate Bill 57, signed into law by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine on July 30. The bill is aimed to legalize hemp, with the purpose of giving the farmers a new opportunity to make revenue.


More in detail, the law legalized hemp with a THC level of 3 percent or less. If the product contains more than 3 percent THC, the substance that gets people high, it’s considered marijuana and still illegal in Ohio.

The problem is that most crime labs in the state aren’t equipped yet with the technology needed to determine the amount of THC in a plant. That’s why, until the necessary training and equipment will be ready, people involved in marijuana misdemeanors won’t face any immediate consequence.

Luckily, Governor DeWine’s spokesperson revealed to 10TV that more than a million dollars have already been budgeted to provide the crime labs with new testing equipment. 


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