By Frank
Posted March 17, 2017

35-year old Ralph Shortey, an Oklahoma Republican state senator, has been caught in a motel room with a 17-yea-old boy, drugs, and an open box of condoms. Shortey was charged with several felonies such as engaging in child prostitution.

He may be from Oklahoma, but that doesn't mean this is OK. This guy is a state senator for Okla-homo.

An Oklahoma Republican state senator who campaigned as a champion of family values was booked on felony prostitution charges on Thursday after police found him in a motel room with a teenage boy and drugs, court documents showed.

Ralph Shortey, 35, was charged with three felony counts, including engaging in child prostitution, court documents filed in Cleveland County showed. Shortey, who has served since 2010, has not spoken to media about the incident.

According to an arrest affidavit, police found Shortey and a 17-year-old male, who was not named, in a motel room in Moore, south of Oklahoma City, on March 9.

"Officers present observed a strong odor of marijuana coming from the room and inside the room at the time of their contact with the defendant," the affidavit said, adding the officers also "found an opened box of condoms in the defendant's backpack."

I guess the republicans hoping to find #pizzagate scandals on the democrats won't be thrilled to find out one of their own was possibly committing the same acts. What 35-year-old man gets doped up with a teenage boy in a motel and thinks no one will notice? Motels are basically brothels for hookers and drug addicts. Did the person at the counter think this was a father and son?

What's next? Will the test the boy for semen samples to prove or disprove any sexual relations? An open box of condoms doesn't mean they engaged in the activity yet. They could have been just getting started. Either way, he's screwed. No pun intended.

If you're going to sleep with someone who is much younger, then wait until they turn 18 and no one gets in trouble. I suppose that makes too much sense these days.

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