Oliver Darcy co-founded website Exposing Leftists, was right winger before CNN

CNN's Oliver Darcy doxxed a top level writer for Tucker Carlson who had a pseudonym on a law school admissions forum called Auto Admit. Someone from the forum outed the writer and now he resigned from writing for Carlson's top rated cable show.

Some of the posts he allegedly made were a little bit racy or s-xist in nature, so naturally the cancel culture would be right up that alley.

Needless to say, the writer is technically out of a job and the news about it is all over the interwebs. If you want the details on that portion of the story, then visit this article on Heavy.

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In return, people are outing Oliver Darcy for his controversial past that involves exposing liberals and mocking CNN.

This is where you get to see how Oliver Darcy is exposed for having a controversial past that doesn't quite match the job he has now. Darcy was on a 30 under 30 list when he was exposing liberals.

Go back to Oliver Darcy's college years. He was a hardcore right winger. Based on what we know, it seems like he was anti-socialism and was out to expose liberal bias. He owned a website called Exposing Leftists.

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The website Reason ran an article about this back in 2011, listing Oliver Darcy as the co-founder and stating that he was on Fox News talking about it.

A quote from that article:

In a clever, yet simple, experiment to expose the implications and consequences of socialism (not to mention liberal cognitive dissonance), recent college graduate and Exposing Leftists co-founder Oliver Darcy asked college students at the University of California, Merced, whether or not they would favor redistributing grade points from the highest-earning students to those most in need on the low end, the same way they tended to support the redistribution of wealth through tax policies.

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Darcy discussed this thought experiment recently on the FOX News Channel with “FOX & Friends” co-anchor Gretchen Carlson.

As one student offered, “If I do give GPA points to students that don’t deserve it, it just isn’t fair. I work for what I have.” When another student was asked why he needed that 4.0 GPA, he responded, simply, “Cuz I earned it.”

So basically, Oliver Darcy was trashing socialism to own the libs. Even the chyron on Fox News with a young looking Darcy as a college grad said "Liberal Bias Exposed" - but now Darcy works for CNN.

Now let's take a look at Oliver Darcy's old tweets from when he used to MOCK CNN. That's right, he would mock CNN on Twitter before joining up with Brian Stelter's pandering unreliable sources show.

A Fox News story from 2018 called out Oliver Darcy as well:

Back in 2014, Darcy joked that it was “some hard-hitting breaking news from CNN” after the network tweeted about a seaplane that almost landed on a whale. That same year, he wrote that CNN star Don Lemon “has no idea what an automatic weapon is” and also wrote, “I seriously can’t remember the last time I looked up at CNN and didn’t see the ‘BREAKING NEWS’ banner.”

Should be interesting to see where this all goes.

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