Two gender benders in Oregon "identify" as a gay couple and get pregnant. One of them is the man and is not actually gay. The other "gay man" is a woman with a real vagina who dresses up like a gay man, but is not even a man at all.

Confused already? Good. It gets better.

The pregnant gay guy is a transgender. He's actually a woman who has a working vagina and female reproductive parts. He was born a woman and he is still a woman. He is NOT a he. He's a her. She's transgender and wants to look like a man, but she is not a man. No matter what she does in life, she will not ever be a man. Since HE is actually a transgender SHE, we will call the transgender SHE. Wearing men's clothes and taking testosterone to grow a beard doesn't make her a man and she cannot grow a penis.

The other man who claims to be gay is actually not gay. He's just dating a bearded woman who is pregnant, but he is not gay. You are not gay when you're in a relationship with a woman and she's carrying your child.

You are not gay if you're putting your penis inside a vagina and getting the woman pregnant. There is nothing gay about this couple. Sure, she has a beard, but they are not technically gay.

I don't know what planet these two are from, or what Oregon has in the water,but this is beyond stupidity.

They have two adopted kids and now a little trans-bun in the oven. Good grief for them on back to school night. How do you explain to your friends that your dad's are gay, but one of your dad's is a woman and your other dad is actually not gay. They're just a normal couple who LOOK and IDENTIFY as gay guys, but they're not actually two gays. It's a man and a woman relationship. Where's the gay part? Does she have a penis to play swords with? If so, then where is it? And how did she get pregnant? The other guy stuck his in, right?

Let's outline the facts:

  1. She has a vagina and a beard on her face. She is not a man, no matter how hard she tries or how much she "identifies" as a man, she will not ever in her lifetime be a man. Science prevails over her feelings. She can have a penis added to her (add-a-dick-to-me surgery) and she is still not a man. She'll just be a chick with a dick.
  2. The man who knocked her up is NOT gay. He's dating and sleeping with his pregnant bearded woman. She has a beard, but she also has a vagina that she was born with, that her child might be born from. That means she is a woman. If you're a gay male, then you're sleeping with real males with a real penis. You cannot call a woman with a vagina a gay man just because she wears men's clothes and looks a little faggy.
  3. Just because you identify as something, does not make you that something. Rachel Dolezal is the same shade as a peeled banana that got a tan, but says she's black. She's not black. She can act black, but she won't ever be black. She was born a few shades away from being the star actor in the movie Powder.

A pair of gay dads are expecting a baby together after one of them, who is transgender, became pregnant. 

Trystan Reese, 34, and Biff Chaplow, from Portland, have revealed that they will be welcoming a child this summer...

The married couple, who are already parents to two children they adopted in 2015, announced the news on WNYC podcast, the Longest Shortest Time, with Trystan baring all about his journey as a pregnant dad.

Should the trans lady take testosterone while she's pregnant? She has to maintain that beard, but if she stops taking her man pills, then her facial hair may go away and she'll look like a lady again. If that happens, then will the fake gay guy stop liking his pregnant fake gay boyfriend who is really a woman?

When people do this to children, then they're being selfish and only thinking about themselves. These two creeps clearly didn't care about the effect it may have on children. Do they give the woman a Mother's Day card? She's technically a woman who raises children, so doesn't that allow her to identify as a mother?

There's a lot of confusing things going on in the mind of the kids and they could grow up messed up. It's sad, but it might happen. They're also probably going to get bullied. You know kids are super mean at school. Even the really nice ones have a good zinger once in a while. Spend five minutes on Reddit and these turds will be roasted like marshmallows in a camp fire.

I laughed so hard when I first saw this headline. Then I remembered how liberals are living in a made up world full of the most ridiculous things on the planet. Then I thought to myself....

Liberals are convincing people that they can "identify" with things and that means that you ARE that thing or concept. That's not true. I identify as a tall sharp shooting basketball player millionaire.

I'm neither. I paid for coffee with ALL change today and I'm a short white guy who can barely hit more free throws than Shaq.

I can identify as a parrot and squawk as much as I like and even sharpen my nose so it looks like a beak. I'm still not a parrot. I once identified as a Velociraptor, but here I am sitting at a computer talking trash about a transgender.

Can this ever be two gay guys? Nope! The woman dresses like a man, takes testosterone to grow facial hair, and tries to call herself a gay guy, but NOPE! She's just a regular chick who likes getting stuffed with peckers. The only problem is that her chin is more hairy than a homeless man's nut sack in a third world country.

Her boyfriend, the one who knocked her up and claims he is gay, is not actually gay. He just likes dipping his penis inside a scruffy chinned women who dresses the same way he does.

How did she get pregnant? The fake gay guy inserted his male penis into the her real female vagina and her female eggs accepted the swimmers. This is the birds and bees story that our parents are supposed to explain to us before we hit the adult channel on Pay Per View or find that website that rhymes with CornHub. (birds and bees don't even hook up, who the f*ck made up that stupid story?)

This story is about a man and woman who identify as a gay guys having a baby. It's two frauds smiling it up and living life. Good for them. Let them enjoy their life. But there's one thing I know - they aren't gay guys if one of them has a p*ssy and got knocked up!

This is a straight couple pretending to be gay guys. They are frauds and transgenderism is fake. Watch transgenderism get destroyed by Ben Shapiro.

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