Otto Warmbeir's Parents Suspect Torture in North Korea

The parents of Otto Warmbier have come forth to speak out about what happened to their son while he was imprisoned in North Korea. He was punished by the North Korean regime and allegedly tortured in gruesome ways during the time he was jailed there, which was just a few months over a year. North Korea sent him home destroyed and he passed away shortly after his arrival in America.

Otto Warmbier was tried and convicted of stealing a propaganda sign from an employee room in a Pyongyang hotel.  North Korea called this a heinous crime and sentenced Warmbier to 15 years hard labor. He was finally released on medical grounds by the regime and traveled back to the United States via jet to Cincinnati, Ohio, where he is from and was met by a medical team and his family.


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When the family was boarding the plane to see Otto, his father, Fred, said they could hear an ungodly, unnatural howling coming from their son.  These were the results of what the North Korean regime did to him.  The regime peddles the excuse that his brain damage, comatose state and other injuries were all a result of food poisoning which he got just a day into his fifteen year sentence.  American doctors who treated Otto say that is unlikely.

Otto's parents say that they expected to see an under the weather Otto get off that plane, but what they saw will haunt them forever.  They explained on a Fox televised interview that they found a lifeless shell of their son, in a coma, with teeth that looked as if they were twisted with pliers, a feeding tube coming out of his nose, he was deaf and he was blind.  Fred Warmbier angrily underlined that North Korea is not a victim, as they have played themselves up to be in the press lately, but they are straight cold blooded terrorists.

Otto Warmbier died just six days after being returned to the United States and was with his family when he passed away. He was in North Korea for about 17 months.

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Of course, North Korea denies that they mistreated Otto in any way and always kept with the internationally accepted standards for detainees.

Another shocker, said Fred Warmbier, is that he learned that North Korea is not actually on the international list of states that sponsor terrorism.  He says that America owes it to the world to have North Korea as a state sponsor.

How is the infamously brutal Kim Jong-un regime not listed as a state sponsor of terrorism?

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