Liberals spark outrage over what Ivanka Trump was seen wearing


It's not what Ivanka Trump did, but what she wore that has her facing major outrage and backlash from her night at President Trump's joint sessions congress address.

The same people so quickly forgot about what Hillary wears.

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People are trashing Ivanka and Melania for their expensive outfits. In comparison to Hillary Clinton's $12,000 rug that she made look like a pantsuit shirt, these outfits were actually cheap! They're not cheap for us regular folks, but they're a lot cheaper than $12-14,000 for a single shirt!

Regardless, people are outraged and throwing a fit about what the Trump girls wore to Donald's speech. I guess some people really don't have anything better to do. If your spare time is wasted whining about someone's clothes, then you need a new hobby. Or maybe you need a job.

Melania looked very classy and Ivanka looked super hot. You cannot deny that these women are absolutely beautiful. We haven't had an attractive woman in the White House in eight years. BOOM! Drink the salty tears, Michelle Obama was classy and sassy, but she wasn't HOT!

Here's what Ivanka and Melania Trump wore to the joint sessions congress address. After that are the mean Tweets that people sent to Ivanka.

Mean Tweets sent to Ivanka Trump

She looks great and classy. What's the problem with looking spectacular?


That's anything like a prom dress. Anyone who's been to a prom would know that. Maybe you spend too much time with your right hand.


You evidently know nothing about women's clothes. Just saying.

She looked great and revealed nothing. Touche!