PA Police Investigate Red Balloons Attached To Sewer Grates

The Lititz Borough Police Department in Pennsylvania made a request to residents of the town to stop hanging red balloons on the grates of the city's sewers as it was terrifying the officers who had to remove them.  The little red balloons are similar to that which can be seen in an upcoming Andres Muschetti "It" remake.  The police department admits to appreciating the creativity but doesn't like having its residents confused who might be clueless to the originals of such balloons.  The horror flick has been getting a lot of free promotional attention leading up to his upcoming release, but not everyone knows of the movie or what it's about.

The case of the red balloon has gone overboard in Lititz causing the police department to have to make a statement such as it did. The police department took to Facebook to ask the pranksters to cease saying, "we want the local prankster to know that we were completely terrified as we removed these balloons from the grates and we respectfully request they do not do that again" and asked people to watch the previews.

I would also note that the police department added a smiley face emoticon and that the general tone of the post seems pretty promotional too.


The original "It" horror film was released in 1990.  This weekend a re-make of the 1990 film is being released and the general plot is of a creepy clown that inhabits the sewers of a small city and lures children to the sewer grates with a helium filled red balloon attached by a string to the grates.

It is apparent that whomever made the post for the police department was quite familiar with the Stephen King's "It" movie and the impending release of the remake.

Since the Lititz PD made that social media post it became a social media sensation.  Contrary to popular belief, many police have "personality" and even some "feelings."  They decided that since their initial Facebook post was so popular, why not play with it some more?

They then posted a photo of an officer in a clown outfit doing some crime scene investigation looking for prints on little red balloons.  They went on to make quips and puns galore about the movie in their second post, going on to explain that they have their Criminal Investigations Division assigned to the case.  The post continues with a funny list of puns and humor related to the movie and the department's playful investigation.

The "It" film by legendary legendary horror author Stephen King has been critically acclaimed for the most part.  An increase in pranks such as these are expected as the release date of the remake nears and have seemingly been helping in its promotion.

The witty posts by the Lititz Borough Police Department have almost certainly stirred up some always appreciated buzz.

By the way, stay alert for sightings of creepy clowns.