PA School Investigating Video Of Students Chanting N-word

Pope John Paul II High School administrators are investigating the emergence of a video that purportedly shows a group of its students chanting the n-word.  The video went viral and understandably has many upset. The Archdiocese of Philadelphia launched an investigation as soon as the video was brought to their attention.  The racially charged video shows upward of a dozen students gathered together and after being called to chant the n-word by one of the females, the group began chanting.

Ken Gavin of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia released a statement in which he said that the Archdiocese was extremely disheartened and disappointed that their students would engage in this terrible behavior and he asserted that behavior of this type in no way reflected the values and views of any of their schools.  He went on to point out that the use of racial epitaphs of any kind are not acceptable whatsoever and that students are taught to treat all people, of all races and creed, with charity, decency and respect.

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Gavin said that the behavior of the students in the video is a direct violation of their code of conduct as well as their Responsible Use Policy of Technology which outlines students' behavior online.

Gavin said that both the school administration and the Archdiocese have initiated internal investigations and that all students involved will face severe disciplinary action.

Furthermore, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia will be seeking outside counseling and programs to deliver programs to the school to assist in reinforcing their values in hopes that misguided incidents such as the one in question do not happen again.

The statement noted that Pope John Paul II school takes pride in its long history of being a bastion for cultural diversity that endeavors to empower young men and women to be contributing members of the Catholic Church and society as a whole.

I have to wonder what the students were thinking, if at all, to think that not only just saying these words, but videoing it for use on social media is OK.  In this day and age, one should not need special programs to teach you this type of stuff is wrong, it's common sense and common decency as a human being.

People need to understand that in this day of social media that one post can ruin your entire life, even if you do no really mean what you are posting.  These students, and anyone in the world who posts disgusting things like this, will find it hard to get a job, or get into a college.  One single post can ruin you.  Once it is on the internet, it is of public record and you can bet a copy is stored somewhere.  You can't just delete a post and think it's gone forever.  That's not how the web works.  And for the people who just don't get that, they are going to find out the hard way if not right away, down the line.

Be a better human being.

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