PA Teen Crushes Cancer

Paige LaRosa was 11-years-old when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She had visited the doctor a multitude of times and was told that she was merely constipated, but it turned out to be much worse than expected.  Her parents could feel there was something else going on with their daughter.  They persistently visited doctors in their Warrington Township in Bucks County, looking for a different diagnosis.  Eventually, she was given the news: she had ovarian cancer.

Ovarian cancer is very rare in young children, usually affecting older women who have had children. September is national ovarian cancer awareness month. After the shocking diagnosis, Paige's parents felt as if they were in a bad dream. Paige, however, took it in stride and was even proactively brave to approach her father with a request to shave her head after she underwent chemotherapy treatment.

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Following a surgery, doctors had informed Paige and her family that her eggs were not able to be saved.  Paige, once again being the strong and brace child she has proven to be, said she was not concerned about having children and that she could always adopt.

Paige's willingness to take this disease head-on has inspired people in her community, and now the nation.  LaRosa's father is a former member of the local Warrington Fire Department which sponsored a Shave-a-thon to help raise funds for the LaRosa family.

The Shave-a-thon is just on shining example of how the community has come together to help Paige and her family on their trying mission to beat cancer. After all, it's a huge task for a family to go through a lone.  It invokes the old saying, "It takes a village," to some degree.

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Paige's father, Shane, wanted to take the opportunity to convey a message to all parents that they should stick to their guts when their child has something wrong going on with their health.  He noted that parents know their kids better than any doctor.

One local shop owner has dedicated the front window of her boutique to honoring ovarian cancer survivors and during ovarian cancer awareness month donates ten percent of her sales toward ovarian cancer research who conveyed the message that women often times get too busy with life to notice telltale symptoms right under their noses and that they should be proactive in getting checked for things like ovarian cancer.

Throughout this trying ordeal, Paige has even managed to study hard and is a member of the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) with her sights set to becoming a surgeon or chemist so that she can help other cancer patients.

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Paige LaRosa is now 14-years-old and cancer free after a few years and many rounds of chemotherapy.

Paige is a beautiful inspiration to everyone fighting something in their life. Great job, kid! 

Photo Credit: (CBS3)

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