PA Vegan Who Praised Deaths of Carnivore Vegas Victims Loses Business

Delinda Jensen of northeastern Pennsylvania, the owner of a vegan food truck business, took to Facebook to tell us how she really felt about the Las Vegas massacre. Jensen's post on Facebook pondered how many animals will survive now that there are 59 less meat-eaters gone from this world. She posted a statement saying that there are fifty-nine meat eaters dead.  She made her feelings even more clear by stating that she frankly doesn't give a f--k about 'carnists' anymore.  We're wondering how she can tell how many victims were actually meat-eaters. We're also wondering how horrible another human could be to say such things about innocent human lives being lost.

Since her post, which she made only a day after the massacre, on Monday October 2nd, she had to give a forced apology, delete her Facebook account, close her business, hide her vegan food delivery truck and has received multiple death threats.  Jensen also had people drive past her house yelling obscenities, causing her to call the police twice and her son to set up surveillance cameras in the front and back of their property.

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During her mea culpa runs this week she told a local Wilkes-Barre journalist that her comments were a mere moment of stupidity and deeply apologized for it.

Jensen went on to say that her post was poorly written and that she regrets writing it.  She also stated that regardless if a person is a meat-eater or not, nobody deserves to die like how the victims died.

She somewhat sloppily made an excuse for what she said by saying that vegans know that by abstaining from eating meat they save about 200 animals a year per person.  She said she is an analytical type of person and was simply deducing some math out loud.  To herself, she was thinking, now, how many less animals will not needlessly suffer?

I've got news for you, Ms. Jensen, when people hear sick stuff from you, it makes them want to go eat some more meat and buy some more leather.  In fact, I had planned on eating a salad for lunch and today I think I'm going to change that to a big Texas rib-eye steak!  Oh, and by the way, vegans, I bet if you gave me access to your house I could easily  point out tons of things that you have that required use in some form of an animal's labor or body contents.

Delinda Jensen's business that she was forced to close down was called Mother Nature Vegan Cuisine.  Her truck is now in hiding, along with her and her son.

What's that phrase, put your brain in gear before your mouth in motion or something like that?

Now pass me that flat iron steak, please. No sauce. A good steak needs no sauce.

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