He Just Seriously Did that and the Package Thief Goes Running

There are millions of packages stolen each year from people's doorsteps. Thieves walk right up to your door, steal the container, and take off. Then people have to file a missing package report with the place they bought it. The buyer has to explain to the company or person who sold the package that it just magically disappeared into the hands of a thief. It happens way too often, and thankfully there are ways to catch the thieves or prevent them from taking things that don't belong to them. Cameras can capture a good glimpse of their face, and people can take that to the police. But there's another way to deter people that's a little bit more fun and a lot more scary for the thieves.

A man named Jaireme Barrow had numerous items stolen over a short two-month span. He was sick and tired of losing the things that he paid for with his hard earned money. He thought of a smart idea to get back at the thieves. He made a "dummy box" that was primarily a trap for the turds who steal people's things. He had already caught people with his camera, but now he wants to take things to the next level like a well lubed first date that starts at a pub.

Barrow's "dummy box" wasn't just some empty box used to trick his thieves. It was a lot more than that. In fact, it may have caused his thieves to soil their pants, because that's how much the trap scares people. What's so scary about the box? Well, it's rigged with a shotgun shell. It's an empty shell, so there's no ammo sent flying at people, because killing a thief would probably get someone sent to prison for a very long time. Barrow removed the lethal part of the shotgun shell, so when the bullet goes bang, nothing is flying out of it except for a few sound waves. There's no actual bullets or trajectories because the shotgun shell is empty.

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When the thieves try to snatch the box, the empty shotgun shell goes BANG, and it scares the thieves. It's deafening and completely unexpected, so it catches people off guard, and they usually run away faster than the Flash going to an all you can eat buffet on his day off.

Tribunist reports:

"Jaireme Barrow was fed up with thieves stealing packages from his front porch. Deciding that he “wanted to even the playing field,” he created a dummy box to function as a trap, giving him a way to scare away thieves. Once he began using the device, he caught multiple would-be thieves in action thanks to a security camera."

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Here are two videos showing Barrow's "Boom Box" in action, and then more information about the box in general.

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