Popular Page Caught Posting Fake News and Race Bait

A Facebook page called "19" posted about a white teenager who was arrested for stabbing two people and eating someone's face. The page claimed the man, Austin Harrouff, was arrested without being harmed, arrested calmly, and called it white male privilege. The picture showed a calm looking white teenager, some police, and some media folks - a picture one could easily believe was an arrest picture because his hands and feet were shackled. But then people learned about the truth about the picture. One quick glance at the comments and you could see people calling out the lies or inaccurate details - something that I call fake news.

The comments became a bit confusing because some people called out the page for telling lies. Other people just commented as if they believed the post was legit (it wasn't). So I researched the story for myself.

I typed Austin Harrouff's name into Google and immediately found thousands of results. This guy was a true criminal who really did stab two people to death and eat someone's face like a zombie. Then I saw the same exact picture. This picture was NOT from the day Harrouff was arrested.

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The picture was from the day he was transferred from the hospital to the jail.

I also saw the story that discussed the actual arrest of Harrouff, what happened, and saw pictures of when he was arrested. While the Facebook page in question suggests Harrouff was arrested calmly and unharmed, the facts state otherwise.

Harrouff most likely got his butt kicked by several deputies. He was tasered. He was bit by a police dog. He was so jacked up from whatever drugs or demonic possession that it took several of the officers to get him off the victim's body. It also took about two months for him to come back to reality.

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Harrouff was basically in a coma for two months. 

That is not calm nor unharmed.

After he woke up from his coma, he was then transferred from St. Mary’s Medical Center to Martin County Jail. The picture posted by the Facebook page called "19" was from the day Harrouff was transferred from hospital to jail. 

So what the page did was take the wrong picture from the wrong day, then share it and act like the 19-year-old cannibal murderer just got arrested by the cops and then called it white male privilege.

Anyone who didn't research for themselves and took the picture for face value believed it, shared it, and sounded absolutely wrong once people started posting what really happened.

This is fake news and race baiting all at once.

Here is what they posted on Facebook:

Here is what Austin Harrouff really looked like when he was arrested. This is what white privilege really looks like:

Here is the news story that the Facebook page possibly took the photo from:

CLICK HERE - notice the picture is the same as the one on Facebook. The story also mentions that Harrouff was basically unconscious for two months. This is him being transferred to a jail, from a hospital - not being arrested. 

Here is the news story from when Austin Harrouff was arrested:

CLICK HERE - that story is from August of 2016 when the event actually happened. The Facebook page in question is posting about it like it happened yesterday.

It's very shameful to exploit a murderer, the victims, and post lies that suggest race baiting just to try and get some Facebook likes. The only good thing we get out of this is a reminder to always research topics and race bait stories. Make sure the page is telling the truth and not fishing for attention.

Be glad the comment section on Facebook always has a few people who actually know what's going on and can present real facts to us.

Make no mistake about it - the man deserves a very long time in jail. His crime was horrendous, vile, and unforgivable.

But does that mean people have to lie about it?

Do your own research.

Think for yourself.

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