Pamela Anderson says 'Everyone in the world' should vote for the US president

Former Baywatch star and Tommy Lee's old coin purse, Pamela Anderson, has proven that she's absolutely as stupid as people thought. She just said, on her own Twitter account, that "I believe Everyone in the world should be able to vote for the US president, because it has an impact on all of us..." I would just like to know if Tommy Lee's giant mule knocked all the brain cells out of her head years ago, or if Anderson simply tries hard to be this dumb.

Guess it's true what they say, not everyone has big fake knockers and a working brain.

But anyway - no, the whole planet should not vote on the United States president. If anything, this would just be another way for Democrats to rig elections. I dunno, maybe the Democrats could promise all those starving stick figure kids in Ethiopia a free lunch for a vote.

Start playing the Sarah McLaughlin song.