Panera opened socialist 'pay what you want' store, learned hard lesson after being mobbed by freeloaders

Panera Bread learned a hard lesson after opening several socialist themed stores that allowed people to pay whatever they wanted for their food and drinks. The shops were called Panera Cares, but it seemed like no one really cared to pay. The problem was that college students and homeless people flooded some of the nine stores and didn't really pay for anything at all, but certainly took their free meals. That lead to Panera Bread only making back about 60-70% of the money they spent to run the stores. They have since closed eight of nine stores, with the last one being set to close on February 15, according to an article on Eater.

The chain opened its first donation-based community cafe in St. Louis, Missouri, in 2010. Under the model championed by the company’s founder Ron Shaich, the restaurant operated like a typical Panera, but offered meals at a suggested donation price, with the goal of raising awareness about food insecurity. “In many ways, this whole experiment is ultimately a test of humanity,” Shaich said in a TEDx talk later that year. “Would people pay for it? Would people come in and value it?” It appears the answer is a resounding no.

Trump said in his SOTU on February 5th  that America won't ever be a socialist country. Politicians like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez continue pushing their socialist agenda in their positions, but it doesn't seem like anyone is falling for it. One look at locations such as Venezuela and the chaos unfolding there shows Americans and residents around the world why socialism simply won't ever work.

The citizens in Venezuela are revolting and the money there is worth nothing.

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Trump's words about socialism set the tone in stone as Americans were reminded that our beloved country is not going in that direction/

Panera Bread thought they had a good idea, but the reality is that if someone is offered something for free, then why would they pay for it? The end result is that Panera Cares had to close multiple stores, putting people out of a job, and causing a community to no longer have a viable food outlet in their community.

Socialism is horrible and everyone should know that by now.

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