Parents of rat bite baby finally charged in court

Parents of a 15-day-old girl were arrested after the doctor found nearly 100 rat bites on their baby.

It is unbelievable that rats endangered the life of a new born while she was sleeping in the bassinet. Even after the parents realized that the baby is bitten by the rats, they didn't wanted to take her to the hospital. They were afraid that after this incident the baby would be taken away. This is such a disturbing mentality, for which the baby girl suffered. 

A new born baby is very sensitive and it is essential to handle everything around them very carefully. But not all the parents are able to follow the guidelines of safety. There are blogs which specifies the ways to hold, teach, play and keep a baby the right way. Because babies fragile, a slight mistake can lead to a horrible incident. Those who really love their babies pay attention to these guidelines.


MAGNOLIA, Ark. The parents of a 15-day-old baby who doctors said had nearly 100 bites from rats appeared in court on Wednesday.

Erica Shryock, 19, and Charles Elliott, 18, were charged Sunday when their daughter was taken to an Arkansas hospital and medical professionals discovered between 75 and 100 rodent bites over the child’s body, KARK reported.

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Erica shryock, the mother of the baby girl is 19 years old and Charles Elliot, the father is 18 years old.
They are too young to take the responsibility of the babies which eventually caused such an incident.
Erica accepted that they knew there were rats in the house but they didn't do anything.

It is obvious that rats might disturb or attack the kids while sleeping. Many books and blogs suggests immediate preventive measures to help protect the baby from rats. In this case, Either the parents were too busy or too careless.

The baby girl needed facial reconstruction surgery after doctors found a one-inch-wide wound that was as deep as the child’s skull, the Magnolia Reporter reported.

The rats bit the baby around 100 times on her arms, fingers, face and forehead. The bite on the forehead is an inch wide and makes the skull visible. The baby girl is in horrible situation and also went through facial reconstruction surgery. It is emotionally disturbing that a 15 day old girl went through such painful experience.

It is shocking that the baby girl was sleeping in the bassinet just beside the mother but she didn't woke up earlier. Charles, the father said they woke up 5 am in the morning to find blood sheds over the baby. He further added they didn't took the baby to the hospital but waited for his mother to arrive till 9.00 am. Regardless of the fact that baby girl is going through immense pain from those wounds they chose to wait, which clarifies how much they care about the baby.

This careless couple has the greed for the possession of the baby but not the care for her.

Shryock and Elliott appeared at a hearing and were each granted a $15,000 bond on charges of endangering the welfare of a minor in the first degree and permitting abuse of a minor. The court also banned contact by the pair with anyone under the age of 12, KARK reported.

The baby was taken into protective services. The court also discovered that the couple have two other children, one each from other relationships. Those children have also been taken into protective custody, KARK reported.

Both the parents are charged with Endangering the Welfare of a Minor in the First Degree. They have been arrested. Their new born baby and other kids are being taken in protective custody since the parents are not responsible enough to take care of the children. It is a good thing that law took such an action without wasting any time. Now the kids would be in safe hands and might build a brighter future.

It devastating that the baby girl has to go through such a horrific incident at a young age of 15 days. I hope she recovers from this incident physically and mentally. It is important for the law to keep an eye on such young couples and observe if they are capable enough to handle the responsibility of raising a kid. 

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