Parents Charged With Starving Death of 6yo Who Weighed 17lbs

A father and stepmother in Illinois were charged with the grisly first-degree murder of their 6-year-old son. He reportedly was starved over the course of two years, as a form of punishment, and only weighed 17 pounds when he passed away. The parents will likely face felony charges of child endangerment and another misdemeanor in regards to a second son, who is 7-years-old, who they allegedly also harmed or starved.

According to Chicago Tribune, the police were called to a hospital because a father brought in a deceased child. That's when the police and hospital staffers knew something was certainly wrong. The parents were reported, via criminal complaint, to have "knowingly and intentionally caused (the boy) to become extremely malnourished, leaving the said 6-year-old child... to starve to death." 

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It's stated that the poor excuse for parents wouldn't allow the child to eat or receive any form of nourishment on a consistent basis. He only weight 17 pounds, but an average 6-year-old should weigh about three times that amount, or around 50 pounds. 

The boy's official cause of death is listed as extreme malnourishment. He has two step siblings and three siblings who also lived in the same house where he was starved and tortured. Each of those children were taken away from the parents and placed into a protective custody by Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.

This is a harrowing story and I cannot believe any parent would do this to their own children.

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If someone doesn't like their child, then put them up for adoption and allow them to be taken in by a family who will love them and treat them well.

This sick crime leaves one child deceased and five other children without parents.

This is not what parenting should be.

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