Parents look at newborn, shocked to see what it has

Imagine the shock this mother got when she looked down and saw something completely unexpected!

Kim Guiley and her partner Travis had been expecting a girl. Then their child was born and they got quite the surprise! It was a boy! That funny expression on their faces is a result of looking down and seeing the child had something that girls don't usually have!

That's right, it had the boy parts! Welcome to the world, little gentleman!

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Kim shared the story on her Instagram page and the photos came out hilarious and beautiful. Here's to you and your new boy!

Kim Guiley, from California, shared a hilarious snap of her and partner Travis which perfectly summed up their wide-eyed surprise – and joy – on her Instagram page.

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The brilliant moment was captured by birth photographer Susannah Gill Photographic Storytelling – and Kim admitted she “can’t stop laughing” at it.

She wrote alongside the picture: “After a lifetime of dreaming about one of each, but months of feeling so strongly that we were having another girl, this is the moment we discovered Theo’s sex!!”

After the birth of their first child, Hazel, the couple suffered a tragic miscarriage.

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When Kim got pregnant again they decided against finding out the sex of the baby, opting to keep it a surprise.

Now comes the hard part. They might have a room decorated for a girl. They might have a dresser full of baby girl clothes. Oh my gosh, everything they have might be for a girl. Now they've got a precious little boy and they need to make a few quick changes and exchanges.

Here's a screenshot of the Instagram page. I suggest you check them out to stay up to date on this cool story!

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