Paris reveals new sideway urinals and they are pretty nasty

Paris is fighting public urination problems. One thing they've done is posted a bunch of boxes that look like trash cans or mailboxes,but it has a hole so guys can pee in it. Now imagine this, you're walking down the street with your family and some guy whips it out and pees right in front of your kids.

That might seem normal at a football game, but if you're on a family trip to the park and a bunch of guys are peeing in public, then you might be a little bit grossed out.

Either way, this is what Paris is doing and not everyone is thrilled with it.

French authorities say they are using this "surprising solution" to try to supplement existing toilets in heavily congested areas where there are urine issues. "The interest of this new urban fixture lies in its mobility, ease of installation and use, as well as its ecological dimension," city authorities said in a statement.


Some people have claimed this is sexist towards men. It's like they think we can't control ourselves! Well yes we can!

while supplies last
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