Should killing female gamers in online games be considered rape?


Update - the image below turned out to be fabricated, so don't take this article serious or hold a grudge against the author in question. If anyone ever finds a real article that states this, then please share it. Otherwise, here's our reaction when we found this and thought it was real.

And like they say, don't believe everything you read on the Internet. Patricia Hernandez did not write the article, but apparently someone Photoshopped this to make it look like she did. Enjoy the rest of this article regardless. The rest of this article will read as though the article is real.

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Please know that Patricia Hernandez did NOT write an article like this. The picture turned out to be fake. Sorry about that. We had no idea. Patricia Hernandez? asked this question about rape (no she didn't) and online games and the Internet lost their minds. This was supposed to be a serious question and it received the best answers you could only imagine from the Internet. I imagine the comment sections were filled with Michael Jackson memes.

patricia hernandez

Should killing female gamers in online games be considered rape?

And that's when the world exploded from their brain processing to much absurdity at once.

  1. Killing and raping are two different crimes. Beating someone in a video game is neither killing nor raping in real life. No matter how simulated it is, you usually get unlimited lives in the game and your digital character does not require a trip to the ER and a rape kit. You may cry if you lose too much in a game, but that's nothing compared to living a life of trauma from being forced into a red windowless candy van and having your virginity taken 38 times against your will. Not even close.
  2. Just no. No. No. No. And I can't believe she asked something this stupid.

I don't think anyone in history has ever been scared to turn their video game on because they lost too much. People might be frustrated if they're not good at a particular game online, but that doesn't mean they won't play anymore. They'll take a break or play another game, no big deal. Just like in real sports, gamers have good and bad days on their games. Some days you play well and some days you stink or you're placed against people way better. That's when players introduce the act of squatting up and down to show their excitement screaming things such as "TAKE IT ALL" to celebrate their victory. This act is quite hilarious when it's on the screen and not in real life, at which point it probably becomes a form of assault. This happens when you finally beat your opponent. Winning is not a crime.

This happens when you finally beat your opponent, however it is not a crime in video games.

Even though people use the term "rape" when they've defeated their enemy by a ton of points, they still don't situate the game with a horrendous crime. I am very excited to read your response to this and see what you think!

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Update on 6/4/2016 - the article is now rumored to be a fake. Apparently this image may have been a Photoshop. I have not been able to locate an actual article, so we should state that the assumed author did not write this and it has been fabricated. There is NO evidence that Patricia Hernandez wrote this. My article above was written before I found out it was fake. Patricia Hernandez, if you see this, then I apologize for thinking this article was real. Thank you to the person in the comments who corrected us. The comments are quite interesting over at Kotaku and goes into much further details regarding the fake article.