PBS aired 'Rat Film' in 2018, a documentary about rats in Baltimore

A documentary called 'Rat Film' aired in 2018 and was all about the rats in Baltimore. As stated on the homepage for the film, “There ain't never been a rat problem in Baltimore, it's always been a people problem.”
It was stated on the PBS website, "In his critically-acclaimed directorial debut, Theo Anthony uses the rat to burrow into the dark, complicated history of Baltimore. A unique blend of history, science and sci-fi, poetry and portraiture, Rat Film explores how racial segregation, discriminatory lending practices known as “redlining,” and environmental racism built the Baltimore that exists today.

What begins as an examination of our interactions with rats – portraits of rat-afflicted citizens, rats as test subjects in labs, the development of rat poison – becomes a deeper exploration of Baltimore. Anthony investigates the history of the city, and the systemic racism that established the low-income and predominantly black neighborhoods that are still plagued by rats today."
Many people are bringing this up because of the controversy with President Donald Trump who said that parts of Baltimore are rat and rodent infested and called out Rep. Cummings for allowing it to get that bad in his district.
Further adding to the controversial discussion is Republican Kim Klacik who showed a video of broken down homes and trash in Baltimore.
At the end of the day, it seems like only one person is taking action and doing something to help clean things up. That person is Scott Presler, a Trump supporting activist who has organized a trash clean up day in Baltimore.
Volunteers can sign up by contacting him on Twitter.


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