Pelosi downplayed Iran protests against Regime, says 'different reasons why people are in the street'

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was on ABC This Week and downplayed the anti-regime protests in Iran. This week, people were protesting in numerous locations after they learned that Iran accidentally shot down a passenger plane filled with civilians.

The protests brought up angst among civilians who called for change in leadership after their government leaders lied and tried to cover up the plane being shot down. Then they finally admit their mistake and now many of the people who live there are up in arms.


Civilians speaking out against their leadership who essentially killed their friends and family by mistake is nothing to downplay, but there is Nancy Pelosi downplaying it and saying that there are "different reasons why people are in the street."

Technically speaking, she is correct. There was a few people who were protesting against the United States, but now there's people protesting against Iranian Regime. While she is correct in her statement, she should not be downplaying the emotions and protests of those who lost loved ones due to Iran's costly mistake.

She was on video doing so.


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