Nancy Pelosi wants to see Obamacare repeal. Can we say hypocrite?

When the Affordable Healthcare Act, aka OBAMACARE, was passed, it was all done under the premise of lies. We could keep our doctors. We could keep our insurance. The new coverage is affordable.

Lie - we could not keep our doctors.

Lie - we could not keep our healthcare.

Lie - it is definitely not affordable.

Obamacare is being repealed and reworked and the republicans aren't giving up the full details on it yet. There's no reason to provide details on something that is not finished. Up until now, everything they do is in speculation and it is NOT confirmed. If the republicans release all details now, then change something tomorrow because it's a better idea, then the republicans place themselves in the scrutiny eye of the public for no reason.

That's like a sports team saying "we're thinking about drafting these five players" and then they draft someone else because that's what they determined was the final outcome.

It's like your friend saying they're painting their house red, and you come over a month later and it's blue. Then you flip your lid and ask why it's not red? Well, between now and then, they've decided that red was not the ideal color and blue was a better fit.

Do you see why republicans aren't releasing the info yet? They don't need people blathering about it non-stop and then complaining when something is or is not included. It makes no sense to prematurely provide details that are not set in stone.

Nancy Pelosi doesn't feel that way. She wants to know everything right now, right this instant.

Well sorry, Nancy pants, you're not included. You're the disrespectful sit-during-NAVY-SEAL-WIDOW lady who has no respect for someone who lost their husband as he fought for YOUR freedom.

Nancy Pelosi must think the world revolves around her. It doesn't.

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When the republicans have a draft worthy of showing the public, then they'll show it. Let them work on it and then you can comment on it when it's ready.

You don't eat a slice of pizza when it's halfway cooked, right? Same thing with this. You don't need to read it when it's halfway finished.

And lest we not forget Pelosi's popular quote about Obamacare? You have to pass the bill before you find out what's in it? Yeah, we remember Nancy! WE REMEMBER!

ObamaCare was passed by deception. We were told a lot of lies that no one discovered until after the bill was passed.

We were told premiums would drop and that if you liked your doctor you could keep him.

The former disgraced Speaker Pelosi said at the time:

“We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it”

Now Pelosi has the audacity to complain that this yet unfinished ObamaCare Repeal and Replace bill is being finished behind closed doors.

They could have released a draft of it in order to gather more ideas and make changes that could have potentially made Obamacare a success.

It was a massive failure at every angle.

People who needed it, couldn't afford it.

When the republicans are finished with a version that's ready to be dismantled or agreed upon, then they'll release it.

Until then, Nancy Pelosi has to sit and wait. She's really good at sitting, as we saw during Trump's joint session with congress.

Lookin like a wax statue with a lip job. #trumpaddress

— Frank Lea ???????? (@TrendingViews1) March 1, 2017

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