Penn Teaching Assistant Calls on Black Women First, Rarely White Men


Stephanie McKellop, a teaching assistant at University of Pennsylvania recently posted a Tweet that suggests she might be using racist and sexist practices in the classroom. The Tweet indicated that she favored female people of color when deciding who to call on in class. After that, it was other people of color, white women, then perhaps white men if she really had to. Her Tweet gathered a firestorm of replies and it's since gone viral, but it's generating mostly negative feedback due to the racist and sexist undertones in the practices that she admits to using in the classroom of an Ivy League school.

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Had her Tweet been the other way around, with white males always getting called on in class, then she would have set the gold standard for racism and there would be protests outside of her classroom.

So far it seems like she's had her classes canceled for a week while the school decides what to do next, if they plan to do anything at all.

Here is the Tweet in question. 

Here is a screenshot of it in the event that the Tweet gets deleted.