How Mr Pepper Nuts Got Arrested

Joshua Cobin, 29, has been arrested after making an unwise life choice by admitting he was the man in the viral video where a protester was shot in the privates by a pepper ball. Police were reported to have used paint balls filled with pepper spray as a means of deterring the protesters. It was better than using real bullets. Cobin probably should have kept his mouth shut to avoid being arrested. As if taking a shot in the jewels isn't enough icing to top a cake. Now he might have a criminal record to go with his Internet coined nickname of "pepper nuts."

The video showed a masked man kicking a canister that was emitting pepper gas back into the direction of police during the violence that broke out following Trump's rally at the nearby Phoenix Convention Center.

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Almost immediately after the fateful kick of the canister, instant karma happened and a puff of smoke can be seen striking the man's groin, which, of course, caused him to immediately fall to the ground and writhe around in pain.  A fellow protester in a Colin Kaepernick jersey came to his aid, which had people joking about Kaepernick not getting a job and "that's the only running Kaepernick will do" - of course, it wasn't Kaepernick. It was some random person, but people took shots at Kaepernick too.

The video promptly went viral with such memes like "Good Night, Left Nut."

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Cobin is a support rep for the website and domain registrar GoDaddy.  

To be fair, he also went on record to say that he is in no way a member of Antifa, despite internet claims, and that he does not support violence against the police or Trump supporters.

He used the spotlight to point out what he witnessed at the protest, although there is video evidence to the contrary, saying that most of what he saw was a peaceful protest by a crowd before they were to begin a march to the capitol.

He says he saw a man hurl a water bottle at police, prompting the police to march on the rowdy crowd. Cobin then noted that he saw medium sized rocks on the ground and believed that was a main reason the police took action by shooting the pepper gas canisters toward the unruly crowd.  He says in his opinion that he does not know if the incident was instigated by counter-protesters or hooligans.

A spokesperson said that the police were forced into action when rocks and other missiles were thrown at them.

Cobin mentioned in an interview that he suffered second-degree burns as a result of touching the the pepper gas canister and spent much of Tuesday evening in an ER for inhaling pepper spray.  This account could not be independently verified, which it should be as pepper gas inhalation generally does not require medical attention and is used on recruits by branches of the US military during training.

Cobin said he did not think that kicking back tear gas canisters were considered attacking police and asserted that he had never attacked a police officer.  He said the only reason he kicked back the canister was because he felt the escalation by police to disperse the crowd was unwarranted. 

The Phoenix Police department have a different account of what went down.  Subsequently, as soon as he posted images on social media and admitted to his crimes an arrest warrant was issued and he was detained shortly thereafter.

Cobin, in another act of "facepalm", posted openly on Reddit, "Thanks for the kind words, what a crazy night last night!  My hand feels a lot better... and for EVERYONE who asked, my nuts are fine lol, the cops missed by a few inches so I have a nasty baseball size bruise there."

In a Reddit Phoenix thread, a user by the name of 'gotyourqueen' opened up as the "guy in the blue shorts who got shot in the crotch" on Wednesday. He wrote that he is not "Antifa" - a reference to anti-fascist action groups - and does not support any violence toward police or Trump supporters. 

That was all the police needed to charge the man with three counts of aggravated assault against law enforcement and a single count of unlawful assembly.

In a police report, authorities state that Cobin was being generally unruly and engaging in conduct consistent with that of a riot and clearly refused to disperse in a lawful manner.

President Trump held the rally in Phoenix, Arizona to pump up his supporters after recent weeks of compromised positions on such issues like the new Afghanistan plan.

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