PETA upset with 'Chicken Dinner Rd' street name, asks Mayor to change it

PETA, aka People for Ethical Treatment of Animals, never stops in its fight to protect animals from unnecessary harm and suffering. Even when its fight is only in an ideological area, like for example – the names of the streets

Caldwell is a small, quiet town of 50,000 inhabitants in Idaho. Its mayor, Garret L. Nancolas was asked recently to change the name of Chicken Dinner Road to something different. Like the local legend says, the road got its name when Governor C. Ben Ross promised to fix that road after eating delicious fried chicken dinner. But the new name of the road doesn't suit everyone.


PETA's spokesperson, Tracy Chapman wrote in the statement: "PETA is asking Mayor Nancolas to change this road's name to one that celebrates chickens as individuals, not as beings to kill, chop up, and label as 'dinner.' "

You don't need to know Confucius' books to know, that every war starts in people's minds and how they see the world. It seems that PETA knows about it pretty well, trying to make people treat chickens like not something to eat, a simple product and just an object, but rather just like another living being with its own feelings.

But it's not certain if the local county will change this name or not. Like the county's spokesperson said, this would be "an expensive undertaking, requiring a public hearing" and that the locals "liked the unique moniker."


But PETA said that it's ready to contribute to the cost of the new signs.

PETA is famous for its own unique public stunts.

All of them have one goal- to improve conscience and knowledge about animals and the suffering that is done by humans to them. In its previous actions, PETA pretended to barbecue a dog or released an anti-milk meme by tweeting an image of an old man sucking on the human-like breasts of a humanoid cow.

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