Peter Strzok sues DOJ and FBI over getting fired for anti-Trump text messages

Former FBI agent Peter Strzok has sued the Department of Justice and the FBI regarding him being fired because of the anti-Trump text messages he sent. Strzok claims he was fired because President Donald Trump applied political pressure, likely because the text messages were about him. Strzok is also stating that his anti-Trump text messages were 'free speech' and is claiming that his "First Amendment rights were violated, as was his privacy due to leaks of his text messages to the media," per a report by Chuck Ross.

As stated on the Daily Caller, “The FBI fired Special Agent Strzok because of his protected political speech in violation of his rights under the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States,” reads the lawsuit, which seeks back pay and Strzok’s reinstatement to the FBI."

Strzok was investigating Hillary Clinton's email scandal and the Trump and Russia probe. At some point he jumped on special counsel's team, but was removed once it was determined that Strzok and Lisa Page were having a fling. Not only that, but they were text messaging each other with negative comments about Donald Trump. Page was an FBI lawyer.


The pair talked about stopping Trump from winning the 2016 election.

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