Petition goes viral to punish men who cut off dog ears

Dog fighting is something that seems to be getting more and more common with hardly anything being done to prevent the cruel acts taking place.

This story shows just how nasty and cruel people can be towards a small, defenseless dog who was used for dog fighting.

This poor dog did nothing to deserve the punishment he received from these two evil men who are standing in the images thinking they are clever or cool after harming the dog.

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They put the dog into a fight that it very much did not want to be in and when the dog lost was then severely punished by having it's ears cut off.

How did the men in the photo not stop and think about how badly it would hurt the dog? Maybe they did not care if it did or did not. Maybe this was punishment for losing the dog fight. The dog lost, so here's a punishment filled with more pain.

You look at these pictures and you can somewhat understand how much pain that dog must have been in. You would think these horrible men would be sent to prison, but they were let off with nothing more than a slap on the wrist. A fine. JUST a fine.

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What is a fine and no jail time? It's nothing when you think about the pain and suffering that dog is in. This is animal cruelty at its finest.

Will they do it again? It's a strong possibility they will because they got away with it this time. They will probably think the next time around that they can expect to get away with it again.

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In a now-viral image circulating throughout Turkish social media, two young men pose proudly next to a cowering dog with bloody stumps for ears, each man holding what appears to be a dog ear in his hand.

According to Turkish news, the pair are suspected to be involved in dogfighting, and were reportedly punishing one of their losing dogs.

The Turkish justice system has now let the men off with a fine of just over what is equivalent to $1,000 U.S. dollars. And no jail time.

This lax punishment is not acceptable for inflicting such reprehensible harm on an animal.

This has got to be the most cruel act of violence I have ever seen on any kind of animal. Dog fighting in my opinion is already evil enough, but to punish the dog for losing is beyond words. This IS the unthinkable.

I have seen instances in the past where animals have purposely been poisoned just because someone felt like harming an animal. Rat poison has previously been used by cruel people in food for the animal and then left outside for them to eat.

I can never understand the mentality of anyone who can be cruel to any animal, they have got to have some serious problems if they can be this cruel to an animal and still stand and think it's clever like the men in the photo above.

Maybe if dog fighting was made illegal and more was done to punish those who do take part, then dog fighting may slow down and stop some of these horrible crimes from happening. 

Some dogs are bred and raised to be fighters just for the entertainment of the owner or to make money. This causes suffering for the animal anyone that a vicious dog may cause harm to physically in a violent attack.

Animals are not toys. They are not property. They have thoughts and feelings, as backed up by research demonstrating that dogs are just as sentient as a human child. What’s more, cruelty to animals is irrefutably linked to cruelty to human beings.

Just as any human being, dogs and any other animal put their trust into you as their owner. They believe you mean them no harm. When something like this happens to a dog, after it has trusted the owner, then it becomes betrayal and it hurts them physically and mentally. 

This dog may have survived having it's ears cut off as a punishment, and those wounds will heal, but the mental scars will not ever go away.

Will this dog ever trust a human again? Maybe one day but it's going to have to go through a lot of stress and worry before it will allow itself to be loved again.

The Turkish government should look at their animal cruelty laws and change them as soon as they can. Allowing anyone to get away with this kind of cruelty is beyond words and should have never happened in the first place.

I seriously hope they make the right decision before this kind of cruelty gets out of hand.

Please consider signing the petition at to help punish these men for their inhumane act in animal cruelty.

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