Philly legalizes crime... just kidding, but that last announcement is crazy

Only in Philadelphia would our police department literally announce that we are delaying arrests for a whole list of crimes I can go out and commit right now if I wanted to. I won't, but I could.

So what happened? hold my pretzel, I'll tell ya.

Philadelphia will now delay arrests for certain nonviolent crimes. So, you go out and steal a car, then you're gonna get a delayed arrest, not a regular arrest. You'll be detained long enough to get your identity and some information, then you'll be released. After that, you'll be arrested at a later date. Take yourself home. Do whatever you want.

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Imagine that.

You get set free, then maybe a month later the cops be like "hey, remember that car you stole back on March 18, I need to bring you in for it now" and you're sitting in Panera Bread eating soup and trying not to make a scene, but that Lambo you stole from FC Kerbeck is in the parking lot. And it's bright sparkly yellow, sticks out in a crowd. Do they have it in yellow? I really don't know - and with the potholes in Philly, you can't drive that here anyway.

Meanwhile, the cops are trying to bring you in for an old crime and you already put that in your past.

But you can't even play if off. You're just gonna have to go get arrested for that crime you committed a month ago, like "oh, we're still talking about this? It's so old. Get over it."

NBC Philadelphia posted:

Police announced Tuesday that arrests for certain nonviolent offenses will be made “pursuant to an Arrest Warrant, which will be served at a later date.” The change in protocol means anyone accused of a nonviolent offense who would normally be arrested and processed at a detective division will now be temporarily detained for the purpose of confirming their identity and the completion of required paperwork. They’ll then be arrested at a later date. 

Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw clarified the policy in a tweet early Wednesday morning, claiming her department "is not turning a blind eye to crime."

Philly Police Department Commissioner stated:

But still. Here's the big question.

Why did you announce this to the city?

This gives people the wrong impression.

This makes people think crime is legal.

This should've been kept within the department so people weren't aware they could break a law and get arrested later.

In hindsight, it's a fine idea because we don't need our cops catching some virus. They got enough to deal with in Philly, like catching fleas when having to deal with domestic disputes inside a house no one cleans.

Cops got enough issues, we don't need the general public thinking crime is legal.

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