Man robs store to pay for daughter's operation, gives money back because it's not enough

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Remember "Breaking Bad?" This story is kind of similar, with some differences though. Our hero had definitely more noble intentions than Walter from "Breaking Bad," yet he also broke the law. Not as bad as Walter though.

Philadelphia police are searching for a man that attempted to rob the 1 Stop Smoke Shop. He actually robbed it, with a gun in his hand, but after seeing how much money he got, he decided to give it back, as it "wasn't enough."


The robber is the father of a sick daughter who needs a kidney transplant. Since he didn't have the money for this costly medical procedure, he decided to "do something about it" and rob the store.

Unfortunately, as he noticed during the act of robbery, those few hundred dollars in his hand were simply not enough. So he backed out.

However, it was still a robbery that did happen, and he may face the consequences of his act. Like the Capt. Sekou Kinebrew from Philadelphia Police says, "If you are going to commit a robbery, I guess the best type of robbery to commit is one where you don’t complete it and change your mind."


The good news is, that there are probably some good souls working in the local police department and when they heard the full story from the shop's owner, they consider helping the unfortunate robber.

Kinebrew offered more feedback, stating “I think for willing to use the gun or taking it out of his pocket, he should be punished for that, but in the same time, as a society, we should do something to help people like that and not push him to the edge where they have to use a gun."

Is a $1,200 relief check a waste of time?

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