A Philly Mom Spent $25,000 On Her Son's Prom With A Camel

This years biggest waste of money award might already be decided. It could possibly go to Saudia Shuler for spending $25,000 on her son's prom in Philadelphia. She was reportedly planning to send him to Dubai, but instead chose to bring Dubai to Philly. This included a live camel, Lamborghini, and some other random things that somehow cost $25k.

I'm sure she had her reasons, but there's no way I could ever justify wasting that much money on something so trivial. It's just a prom. I know the backstory with the Mom beating cancer and wanting to be at her son's prom and that's all very touching, but we have to be realistic and think about bigger priorities. She seems like a wonderful person, but someone should have talked her out of this because it's crazy to think about what you could spend $25K on that would either last a long time or become a business for you.

That money just went down the drain. Total waste. Completely pointless.  I can't express any further how irresponsible this was for a mother to waste money on prom. It's like she was showing off for Instagram likes or because she wanted to have this event for HER. If she did this for a college graduation, then at least there's a milestone and accomplishment to celebrate. But prom? Naw.


There is no son in the world who would chose a lavish over the top prom over going to the real Dubai to have a true real world experience. What did people get out of this horrible prom idea? One night of gimmicky nonsense? Girl, rent the tux, get a limo, and rent your son and his friends a hotel somewhere for the night to party at. That's prom. This whole camel and "Dubai to Philly" act was a senseless waste of money that she won't ever get back. This was not for her son. This was for HER. I think the Mom and Son should have taken a trip to Dubai and spent quality time together. Get out of town. Go see the world. Go do something amazing. Spend $25k on a prom is not on the list of amazing things to do. It's just not.

Selfish and irresponsible is what I call it. That money could've been used for college, home improvements, a new car, and getting out of debt. But what does she do? She spends $25k on her son's prom. If that was my mom, then I would be embarrassed. I would definitely appreciate it, but there's no way I would ever let my parents do this for prom. If I had a place to stay for the weekend and enough cash for food and fun, then I was good to go. This over the top nonsense has to stop and people need to realize they're just trying to out-do each other for some street cred or social likes. It's like "ohhhhh look at me, I'm so cool" It's all bullsh*t.


Saudia Shuler was planning to gift her son a trip to Dubai for high school graduation. But then she had another idea.

“I figured, why not take everyone to Dubai,” she said, seated at a table outside Country Cookin, her soul food restaurant on 22nd Street in Swampoodle. “Let them see what it’s supposed to look like.”

I 100% guarantee her son would have rather went to Dubai. Who in their right mind would chose to stay in Philly over Dubai? Mom was selfish and did this prom nonsense for herself. She wanted to get five minutes of fame in the news and she got it. She paid for it and squandered the money on a prom and I can't even take this serious.

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Why not, indeed. Hundreds turned out for the Dubai-to-Philly themed prom send-off she organized for her son, Johnny “JJ” Eden, Jr.. The event that took over the 3400 block of Clearfield on Friday is now going viral on social. Shuler had a custom mural commissioned. She brought in three tons of sand. She rented a camel from a farm in Ohio. For a week straight, friends and family worked into the wee hours each night, helping prep the scene. Her crew created three separate Dubai-inspired sets. Eden had a Lamborghini, a Range Rover and Rolls Royce for the evening.  And he had three different dates, all wearing their own custom dresses. Eden himself made costume changes until he was wearing his third ensemble for the night, selected with the help of a stylist.

With all due respect, WTF was she thinking? This is ridiculous. It's her money and she can spend it any way she chooses, but wasn't there anyone in her family or friends who tried to tell her how much of a waste this is? Don't they have bills to pay? What about paying for college? What about buying something that would be useful for a long time? What about money for something that is an investment on a future business or your life? What does this one night of prom do for anyone? Oh, remember that time mom rented a camel? Yeah, that was dumb.

“I just wanted to do something no one had ever seen before,” Shuler explained.

Prom send-offs in recent years have grown far beyond crudite and a few awkwardly posed photos. Social media has exposed some pretty elaborate set-ups— like this one from 2016, where dancers performed choreography from Beyonce’s “Formation” ahead of a prom-goer making her grand entrance. Shuler’s got everyone beat, though.

I can't believe I'm writing about this because spending $25k on a one night prom is not a very intelligent thing to do and someone literally did it. Spending $25k to buy a car so your son can get to and from college is intelligent. Paying for college is smart. Using $25k as a down payment on a house or investment into a business that will yield a return on inventory is great. Spending $25k on a prom is one of the least intelligent things you can do.

“You know, the funny thing about it, he didn’t even want to go to on prom,” she said about her son. “He was like, mom you’re doing too much.” She didn’t listen. After all, she had the camel paid for a year and half ago.

This kid is bright. He knows it's ridiculous and probably would have wanted to go on the trip to Dubai instead. He probably wanted the money to go towards something that's useful and productive or something that could help the family earn even more money through a business or perhaps just leave it in savings so the family has access to it if they need it in the future.

Rent the tux, rent the limo, rent a hotel and party for the night or weekend. That's what a classic prom is and that's all it should be. Spending $25,000 on prom is just a terrible idea and I hope no one else ever does this.

I respect her choice to spend her money the way she desires, but this was super stupid and her friends should've talked her out of it. She has horrible friends, because a real friend would have said "you must be out of your damn mind" and talked her out of it.

At least when the Chainsmokers performed at a prom it was free.

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