In another round of pointless Facebook bans, the latest victim is Philadelphia comedian Timothy "Jay Jay" McGuire and The Philly Offensive. His dark humor comedy page, The Philly Offensive, was recently removed from Facebook. Not banned, but actually REMOVED and gone like the wind flowing through Donald Trumps cornstalk hair.

The Philly Offensive focuses on dark humor that mimics real life situations and often portrays Americans for what they are. Typically, that means The Philly Offensive labels most people portrayed in it's video as a "piece of sh*t" and it's usually correct in its labeling. If TPO says you're a piece of sh*t, then it's always right about it. This is especially true for Dallas Cowboys fans living in Philadelphia. They are the worst kind of inbred trash who are accidentally born in the wrong city. They're the kind of fetus that grows up to put a slice of American cheese on top of a flat iron steak and think it's a Philly Cheese Steak. No d*ckhead, it doesn't work like that.


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The videos posted by The Philly Offensive ranged from calling people out for not picking up their dog droppings, male drug addicts willing to perform sexual acts on other males, destroying Dallas Cowboys fans, or spotlighting drug addicts who are "dippers" or "leaners" - those who are so messed up from drug use that they can't hold their own body up and dip or lean to the side.

They look like intoxicated babies trying to nap standing up.

What really sparked the controversy of The Philly Offensive, and eventually led to the removal by Facebook, was the viral video in which they found people buying steak and lottery tickets with welfare money and loading said items into a luxury vehicle. A vehicle that a welfare leech shouldn't be driving.

This sparked conversation as to why a smoking pregnant mom dressed in pajama pants is buying steaks on welfare money and - how does she afford a luxury vehicle?

This also generated a huge response from the general public who was angry about the man confronting three welfare queens for abusing the system and stealing from tax payers.

The famous quote "steak is for taxpayers" originated from this video and caused a worldwide viral craze in which people either laughed hysterically, got mad about tax payer money being abused, or threatened The Philly Offensive for confronting the woman and doing American citizens a favor. The only people who threatened the page for calling out the scumbags was, as you can guess, democrats and liberal snowflake turds. These are the kind of losers who march down broad street in a topless feminist protest and tell you not to look at their boobsicles, forgetting that most of them are fat or look like a sad fish anyway.

What also lead to The Philly Offensive's removal from Facebook was the violence that stirred from the comments.

Mass amounts of violent threats landed in The Philly Offensive's inbox.

This is the part that doesn't make sense.

Random people from all over the world send threats to The Philly Offensive, but they weren't the people who were removed? The Philly Offensive wasn't threatening anyone by posting sketch comedy videos, so why were they removed?

Is this another case of Facebook's lefty loser liberal syndrome? If it's too funny or hurts people's sensitive feelings, then it must be removed? Is that how it works with Facebook as long as it coincides with the leftist agenda that Zuckerberg aligns himself with? Does Facebook need to provide safe spaces for people who can't manage their own wimpy feelings or don't understand the concept behind scripted comedy?

guy who mad

What people constantly ignored was the fact that Timothy Jay Jay McGuire labeled his videos as "SCRIPTED COMEDY" but people were too unintelligent to figure out what that meant. They must be the fifth grade dropouts our mothers warned us about.

If anyone out there is still confused, that means the videos are made up.

No people are actually harmed physically or mentally in the videos.

Scripted means planned and written, produced, not a real life capture. I had the pleasure of speaking directly with Timothy Jay Jay McGuire of The Philly Offensive and he provided me with some information on the situation. Why the hell am I explaining this?

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Facebook removed my comedy page "The Philly offensive" for inciting violence . I had 180,000 followers world wide and it was a lot of fun . Apparently my type of comedy pushed buttons which makes people push the report button . Although it is unclear if it was my last video involving a baby left in a hot car wearing a Dallas shirt or my countless other offensive type of videos. Either way this past year was awesome. I got my name around the world. Some dude messaged me saying he over heard an argument in a bar whether my videos were real or not . The bar was in Scotland! How cool is that? I started another page and all my videos are on my Philly offensive channel on YouTube.

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Links to follow The Philly Offensive and watch more videos: Youtube / Facebook

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