Pics of Democrat Katie Hill naked, smoking bong, and possible Nazi tattoo

Photographs of Democrat Congresswoman Katie Hill resurfaced, showing her shocking throuple relationship with a female staffer identified as Morgan Desjardins. She and her husband Kenny Heslep started this relationship with the then 22-year-old. 


The series of photos showing a naked Hill with what looked like a Nazi-era Iron Cross tattooed on her bikini line, smoking marijuana when it was still illegal to do so and other photos showing her relationship with female aide Desjardins were obtained by 

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The timeline starts in 2017 where Desjardins began a relationship with the congresswoman. Photos of the two women kissing each other were found. There is also a photo of Hill brushing Desjardins’ hair while she herself was naked. This so-called “throuple” relationship ended this summer when the congresswoman claims she wants to focus on her work. 

This wild lifestyle is not a private one as photos of Hill were also posted on Reddit under the thread “WouldYouF***MyWife. Another photo of Hill resurfaced, one where she was smoking marijuana before it was even legalized for recreational consumption. It is unclear whether or not she had a medical permit or if she herself was breaking the law. 

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Her tattoo is seen as similar to the World War II Nazi Medal used by white supremacists. This may open up allegations of hypocrisy after she herself called out veteran David Brayton for posting racist memes on his Facebook. 

The relationship between Hill, Heslep, and Desjardins ended this summer with screenshots of Hill telling her husband she’ll still pay the bills and mortgage. The congresswoman said it was not her aim to leave them high and dry and that she’s simply separating things since she’s about to move out. 


Hill admits to this relationship last Wednesday. It turns out this is not Hill’s first “throuple” with a former tenant telling the media that the former couple had a relationship with a then 21-year-old back in 2010. 


Heslep is now accusing Hill of having an affair with her campaign finance director Graham Kelly. He is also claiming that Hill is leaving him for another “throuple” relationship. Heslep posted screenshots of texts from former campaign videographer Jeff Bomberger admitting of this said affair.


In a statement with website Politico, Hill denies allegations of her being in a relationship with Kelly. In her statement, the congresswoman said “I am saddened that the deeply personal matter of my divorce has been brought into public view and the vindictive claims of my ex have now involved the lives and reputations of unrelated parties. 


Desjardins is not taking the break well, claiming that she is unwell. She also told the congresswoman that she was still in love with them. 


The House Ethics Committee is involved in the investigation of Hill’s relationship with Desjardins, citing that it may be violating congressional rules. Hill sent a letter to her constituents where she apologizes to them for the relationship and is now cooperating with the Ethics committee in this investigation. 

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