Piers Morgan Destroys Fake Feminist Amber Rose and Her Exposed Crotch

Amber Rose posted a semi nude picture with her pubic hair because she claimed it was for feminism. This caused a heated verbal feud with Piers Morgan and her on Twitter.

Her fans might disagree, but Amber Rose has been an attention seeker since see entered Hollywood. Her journey from a stripper to an actress is known to most people. She got famous with the name of his ex-boyfriend Kanye West. Being talentless makes it hard to get attention from Hollywood and the media, but people like Amber Rose and the Kardashian's somehow figured out how to be famous for being famous - all without having any true skills or talents.

This controversy started with Rose's Instagram picture where she posed bottomless, crossed legs, exposing her pubic hair. Piers Morgan took the opportunity to remind her that it is social media and not her bedroom.

Her knicker-less picture sparked fire on the social media. Morgan stepped up to ask her nicely to put the picture away. Morgan tweeted: 'Put it away luv, Thanks'.

The skanky former stripper is used to posting pictures exposing her assets in her feed, but this picture was way too much - even for her fans.

The argument began after Morgan's Tweet about her picture. Morgan and Rose exchanged a handful of one-liners, with Piers being more witty and Rose simply sounding stupid. They both took a flirtatious turn to smooth the argument. Rose argued that she posted the picture to promote her SlutWalk, which is an event for empowering women and marching against rape victim blaming. Which is funny, because it's called SLUTwalk and sluts are promiscuous people, not victims of rape. This is really a march for whores, not victims.

Piers Morgan is going deep with his criticism of Amber Rose’s exposed lady-bits.

Media personality Morgan hammered hard at model Rose on Monday, after Rose posted a bottomless photo of herself on Instagram.

The photo, which was posted Friday and deleted shortly thereafter, was posted by Rose in an effort to “bring back the bush,” according to TMZ.

But Morgan refused to entertain the notion that the bottomless photo bore any feminist import, posting the photo on Monday and tweeting at Rose, “This is not feminism. It’s attentionseekingism.”

Morgan rightly called Amber Rose's nasty picture another effort to seek attention.

Does Amber Rose want more people to be aware of SlutWalk, feminism, or her body? According to Rose, feminism awareness can be only spread through exposing private parts of woman's body on social media. Her womanhood lies under her pants, is that what she meant? Or did she do this to get some extra followers? If I saw that, I would UNFOLLOW because she's rather nasty.

Real fans of Rose are just like her and they refused to get the point and retweeted in her favor. Its no shock that more people support senseless efforts of celebrities to seek attention in the name of a good cause. Her cause almost makes sense (the name sucks) but her picture is completely pointless, just like called the event a SLUT walk.

Morgan stated that he is worried for Rose to promote feminism like this on Instagram. It should not be very hard for Rose to understand Morgan's point when Instagram called it NUDITY and removed the picture in just 2 hours. But she refused to understand any of it.

She compared her picture to Adam Levine's picture which was published to promote awareness for Prostate & Testicular cancer. She is having hard time getting the difference between spreading awareness  for Cancer and seeking attention in the name of feminism.

But she missed the point! Being a feminist does not demand her to be semi-naked on social media platform to raise awareness. Why can't she understand this?

Her pubic hair does not raise awareness for female empowerment, but it did make people feel disgusted for a while. One look at Amber Rose without clothes and you instantly want to vomit in your own mouth.

Morgan ended the feud with an offer for a cup of tea with Rose to discuss the ways she describe feminism.

Social media feminists took the opportunity to spread hatred for Morgan while what he said actually makes sense. Morgan compared the picture to 'pornography' which is exactly the reason why Instagram took it out.

It come as no shock that there are people who understand nothing about feminism but still claim to support it. It is somewhat like religion, there are some people who claim to support religion but end up supporting terrorism. Same way there are people who claim to support feminism but end up supporting nudity and inequality.

People like Rose need to revise their concept of feminism. They also need to rethink their ways to support it the right way.

Today's feminism is nothing but finding more ways to hate men anyway, so may as well stop with the feminist act anyway.

No one's buying it anymore and no one cares to listen to it.