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Pioneer Woman makes 7-Can Soup and it's super easy to make

I thought this was a joke at first, but then I read The Pioneer Woman's recipe and she really does use 7 cans of ingredients. The trick here is that she doesn't drain the cans, so that makes it soupy. Otherwise, you'll notice that this is similar to a chili recipe.

Here is the recipe.

One can of each, and don't drain the cans. Mix them up and cook it.

Meat-only Chili


Kidney Beans

Pinto Beans

Black Beans


Diced Tomatoes

Corn (Ree uses Fiesta corn, with red and green peppers in it)

Rotel tomatoes with green chilies

They say to do this

Over high heat, bring the soup to a boil, then let the mixture simmer over low heat for 10 or 15 minutes (use that time to find the appropriate 7-can soup wine; we suggest a nice semi-dry Riesling, a fruit-forward Syrah, or whatever looks best at Trader Joe’s). Season with salt and pepper.

Am I going to try this? Probably not. It doesn't actually sound good to me, but I know a lot of people who would love this.

Enjoy it and post pictures here if you cook it.

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