Pitbull Murders Therapy Horses and Dog Owner Doesn't Even Say Sorry

 Miniature horses used for therapy were killed by a neighbor's violent pit bull.

The incident took place in Gainesville, Florida. Catherine and Mozart are two miniature therapy horses who helped families and victims of the Sandy hook incident. 

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But unfortunately, a female pit bull and a German shepherd mix attacked them. The pit bull from the neighborhood got loose and broke into the field to get to the miniature horses. The other dog, a german shepherd mix also somehow got to the horses. The aggressive dogs attacked the innocent miniature horses and ripped their bodies apart. The horses couldn't survive the deadly attack.

Two beloved miniature therapy horses who comforted the survivors of the Sandy Hook and the Pulse massacres were mauled to death by vicious dogs.

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Mozart and Catherine were fatally injured in their pasture at the non-profit Gentle Carousel Miniature Therapy Horses in Gainesville, Florida.

A female pit bull broke into the field where the miniature horses slept on March 4 and initiated the horrific attack. Police also said a German Shepherd mix was involved and both dogs have been euthanized.

Gentle Carousel owner Jorge Garcia-Bengochea told News 4 Jax: 'We woke up Saturday morning and Catherine was covered with blood.'

'We had no idea what had transpired, so I quickly loaded her up and put her in the trailer to take her to a veterinarian's office and we found Mozart who had been killed, mauled by these dogs.'

Gentle Carousel wrote on its Facebook page the owners have refused to pay for the horses medical expenses which cost the non-profit over $15,000 or apologize. The owners only sent a text message to say they had 'no money.'

The owner of the miniatures, Jorge Garcia, found Mozart's body viciously ripped apart and Catherine covered in blood. He instantly took Catherine to the veterinarian where she was treated. Catherine struggled for her life for the next 10 days in the hospital but sadly lost her life.

The non profit group did not have the money to pay the $15,000 bill, so they raised money to pay the medical bills for Catherine. The owner lost both of the innocent miniature horses because the dog's owner was too careless and irresponsible. Maybe this was just an accident, but the owner of the dogs must at least apologize or accept their mistake to the victims. But they did not even apologize. They refused to pay for Catherine's treatment, nor did they apologize for the incident. The only message they sent to the victim was to clarify that they don't have any money to pay their bills. 

It is not just about the money, these horses were a part of a beautiful cause. The purpose of their life was to make victims feel better and recover from trauma. They helped so many victims, but sadly lost their life to evil dogs. It is sad that the therapy horse's owner couldn't even get an apology from the killer dog's owner.

The owner of the dogs accepted that the pit bull has showed signs of aggression, but they did not pay enough attention to keep the dogs away from the horses. Both Catherine and Mozart lost their lives to the deadly aggression of the dogs and that's a problem.

These incidents make people believe that pit bulls are not pets. Pit bulls are involved in disturbingly high number of killings in the last decade. The owners of pit bulls must either rethink their place in the house or pay attention to their behavior before they harm anyone.

Both dogs have been euthanized and the owner has been fined. It's rare that a pit bull does anything to get in the news that's a good thing. However, there was a time when a pit bull saved a boys life and if we see more stories like that, then we can slowly change the dog's reputation around. Part of me wants that dog wiped off the Earth, but the other part of me realizes they are just animals who need better training. Then again, they're super strong and extremely unpredictable, so is it really worth it? Some animals are not meant to be domesticated.

Another recent attack was a baby attacked by pit bulls and she lost her life. These aggressive dogs attack the powerless innocent creatures and humans and it is fair enough to label them as cruel, angry, violent and not worth owning.

Why would people want to own and feed a potential violent animal in their house?

When will people realize this breed of dog is violent and too powerful for most people to own?

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