A Pizza Hut supervisor went on a hot streak when he pepper sprayed an employee after an argument over the silliest thing you will ever hear. This violent act happened all as a result of the placement of pepperoni and cheese on a pizza.

This is where you ask if we're joking, right? Well, we're not! This really happened and there's a Sandy Springs police report to back it up!

On May 16, 2017, the Sandy Springs police department have issued a warrant for the arrest of Anderson Ramon Lewis for his disorderly conduct.

According to the report, the police arrived on the scene at 4920 Roswell Road around 7 pm. The police were told that the two employees argued and ended when Lewis discharged his mace. The whole thing began when Lewis informed the employee that they needed to go home or get fired. To this, the employee said you are not my manager. Lewis began threatening her husband and talking about her newly deceased brother.

The victim was not seriously injured as the mace did not make direct contact with her face, however, it did make contact with her arm.

After an argument sparked by how pepperoni and cheese were placed on a pizza, a Pizza Hut supervisor pepper-sprayed a coworker, according to a police report.

Sandy Springs Police have issued a warrant for the arrest of Anderson Ramon Lewis for disorderly conduct. The pepper spray was discharged in the direction of the female victim’s face, but police said it didn’t seriously harm her as it landed on her arm.

According to the report, police responded to the Pizza Hut at 4920 Roswell Road on Tuesday around 7 p.m. Witnesses told police that two employees had a verbal altercation that ended with Lewis using pepper spray.

The General Manager stepped between the two and told Lewis he needed to leave. Lewis left as ordered but came back and continued the harassment.

Shortly after his return, he pepper sprayed the worker in front of the crew and the general manager. This is where the level of Lewis’ maturity really goes down hill. He scribbles his address on a napkin and said that he can be found there if she wanted to fight him.

He also allegedly threw pizza and dough to the ground and stormed out. Without any success, the responding officer called Lewis and was told not to call again because no one would answer. The police are still searching for him to deliver justice.

“Police said the general manager attempted to separate the two and told Lewis he needed to leave. Lewis left, but came back and continued to provoke the victim, police said.

That’s when Lewis discharged the pepper spray at the victim and in front of the general manager and other employees, police said. Before Lewis left the store again, he wrote his address on a paper napkin, slammed it down on the counter and said if the victim wanted to fight, that’s where she could find him. Lewis also threw trays of pizza and dough on the floor as he was leaving.

This is an extremely funny and interesting story. I love to find the humor in these situations as the person in the wrong always looks like a fool.

You know what a great punishment would be? Tell him to eat a large pizza with pepper spray or go to jail for five years. Am I right? Okay maybe this is a little more goofy, but it would be fair as he gave the victim a choice of going home or be fired. 

How would you solve this with the right punishment?

Have you ever been pepper sprayed? I have but it was on accident. I was young and was being taught how to use it in the case of an emergency. The door was accidentally opened and the spray blew into the house. 

It is not a great feeling.

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