Planned Parenthood Enters Transgender Market

Planned Parenthood has been in recent decline years as the abortion rate declines, even though the population is rising.  They are making the next logical step to improve their sometimes creepy services and stepping into the transgender market. From the same people who had their top brass busted on camera admitting at a dinner that selling off excess baby parts is a great idea, they are helping transgender people.

Planned Parenthood tried to slip their annual report in between major year-end holidays, but luckily journalists did not let the contents slip through the cracks. One of their stunning recommendations to parents who find themselves with a need to talk to their preschoolers about their bodies suggests that parents tell the kids that while girls and boys might have different bodies, they should also introduce them to transgenderism.  That surely is easy for a preschooler who can barely reach the toilet to understand.  Nothing short of child abuse if you ask me.

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The report is full of peculiar gems like feeble attempts at explaining to youngsters how even though a boy has a penis and a girl has a vulva, which it does not mean they are particular sex because of it.  What?  Have I missed some science classes? There has been no talk from Planned Parenthood of looking into how mental issues contribute to the belief that one is transgendered.  Shouldn't someone be looking into this?

Now that we have established the ridiculousness of Planned Parenthood and the way they think, it should not come of many surprises that they are trying to cut their losses in the baby killing business via other means such as helping transgendered people to attain hormone therapy.

All facets of Planned Parenthood's businesses have taken severe hits in recent years and looking toward transgendered people to bring their numbers up may not be the best business strategy as they only make up 0.6 percent of the U.S. population.  It is believed they are moving into this line of work to re-establish a client base as women are running away from this place as fast as they can.

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Even though abortions are in steep decline, Planned Parenthood still reports over 1.35 billion dollars in income.  Most of its funding comes from the government and most recently donors.

The president of the controversial group, Cecile Richards says that the federal government will most likely maintain its path to cut funding for the organization who thinks selling off pieces of babies is a 'great idea'.  She says that no matter what the government has in store for them, they will remain strong and do everything in their power to counter the droves of resistance they are up against.  She cast some doubt on how long they could continue to operate in the black while losing patients.

One has to think the math is clear; when the government entirely defunds them and they are left to rely solely on donations, they will likely find themselves up Schitz Creek without a paddle.   Millions of born children will thank the facilitators of Schitz Creek Park.

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Next step, a name change to Planned Transgenderism, perhaps?

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