Police investigating 'sex romp' filmed during car drifting afterparty

What do people do in such remote locations like Australia or New Zealand? Well, surely they have lots of activities, like driving crazy tuned vehicles on the dessert, shooting at birds and road signs... Wait a minute... that was actually from the Mad Max movies, not the real life!

But something happened last autumn that resembled a lot Mad Max movie. With a little difference though. It occurred not in Australia, but in New Zealand. Nonetheless, we are pretty sure that there are not so many people in this world (except Australians and Kiwis, of course) that can tell these two countries apart.

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So there was a car racing event, located somewhere in-the-middle-of-nowhere at Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park, Taupo, New Zealand. It attracted not only fans of tuned cars and crazy drifts, but also some sex-hungry people, that later made an orgy for themselves.

Things started to get spicy after midnight, when some unnamed woman got really horny and engaged herself in sexual acts with few men. The accident was videotaped by the group of onlookers, and like the spectators say, it all seemed as totally consensual sex among the adult people.

We surely don't know how many drinks this woman had. What we do know though, that it was pretty interesting ending to this event. Local police though has a little different opinion about this matter. "Possessing or sharing an intimate recording may be an offence," a police spokesman said.

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Regardless if it's legal or not in New Zealand, videos from this "event" already went viral on New Zealand's Internet and were shared in the following weeks by hundreds of people.

The event organizer, Chris Howard, said that he ordered to stop selling alcoholic drinks to the people after this accident, to avoid turning his event into "full scale orgy."

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