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Police: Jussie Smollett was 'wearing a rope like a neck tie' - his story is bigger BS than we thought

Jussie Smollett, the gay black actor from EMPIRE who plays Jamal Lyon, the gay black brother who sings really well, is claiming that he was jumped by two guys in ski masks who poured bleach on him, put a rope on his neck, and yelled stuff racist and homophobic slurs while stating they were in "MAGA Country." This apparently happened around 2 a.m. in Chicago, where Empire is filmed. Smollett went home and still had the rope on his neck, which makes no sense. He went to the hospital and his photograph from there shows that he has a little scratch on his cheek. He claimed he was on the phone with someone just as the attack took place, but neither Smollett or the friend (I believe it's his manager) will give their phone to the police or FBI so they can investigate.

Police have apparently reviewed hours of video footage from the area and there are no attacks on film. The police did find two unidentified men, but do not have any idea who they are. At one point the police stated that Smollett was seen on video, ducked out of sight for about ONE MINUTE, and then came back into the view of the camera while wearing a rope like a necktie.

If I just got my ass kicked and a rope was on my neck, I would throw that fucking rope on the ground and call the police or my pals to come to the scene ASAP.

Why did Smollett go home with a rope around his neck? Does that make any sense?

Why won't he give his phone to the police/FBI? If he really got beaten by some alleged white supremacists, then why not do everything in his power to give as much information as possible? Oh, that's right! The two men who beat him up, allegedly, are unidentified so no one knows if they are white or not.

Everytime someone looks more into this story, they find more ways to point out that Smollett's story is going to eventually be called one of the biggest hate crime hoaxes we've seen in a very long time.


ABC reported what the police had said, "They say video shows Smollett walking across the street from two possible persons of interest, whose photos were released late Wednesday to the public. In the video, Smollett walks out of frame for about a minute and reappears on another camera "wearing a rope like a neck tie." 

As quoted on Twitter, "photos of people of interest who were in area of the alleged assault & battery of Empire cast member. While video does not capture an encounter, detectives are taking this development seriously & wish to question individuals as more cameras are being reviewed," Chicago Police tweeted late yesterday.


Maybe it was two guys who work on the set of Empire who simply don't like Smollett. Ever think of that? Who else would know that's even him in the middle of winter all bundled up?

This might be Smollett's best act yet.

Maybe he should get an Oscar for acting out a hate crime hoax.

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