Police looking for creep who carved the name 'JUAN' into a dolphin


Police are on the hunt for someone who is a complete dirtbag who carved the name "JUAN" into the side of a dolphin who later washed up lifeless on the shore of a Spanish beach. Authorities are unsure if someone named Juan did this or it was someone else. Either way, the cops are certainly searching for a huge scumbag. Who in their right mind catches a dolphin and writes their name on it with a blade? Only an absolute psychopath would do this. And let's not talk about what they might have done with the poor dolphin's blowhole.

A suspect who carved the name 'Juan' into a dolphin before the dead animal was found washed up on a beach is being hunted by authorities in Spain.
These heartbreaking images show the dead dolphin with the name of the potential perpetrator carved into its side and several injuries which were apparently inflicted at sea. 
She said: 'The injuries and the cuts were not done at the beach, it must have happened at sea and the storm has pulled it out of the water.' 
Spanish Civil Guard sources told reporters that the Department of Marine Service has been investigating the appearance of other dolphins found dead on the beach for months and that the latest case will be added to the investigation.
Manu and Ana, members of Equinac, told local media: 'We were overcome with indignation when we saw the name carved into the body, and other different cuts, something that was not done today nor at the beach.
'To you Juan, the one who did this, we only want to say that with a bit of luck we will catch you for another offence.' 
The female dolphin was found washed up on a beach in the residential area of Roquetas de Mar, in the south-eastern Spanish province of Almeria.
The 5ft 5in animal reportedly had injuries all over its body and the name 'Juan' can be seen carved into its side. 

This has to be a person who was not hugged as a child.

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