It was all fun and games for a New Jersey police department when they posted a picture on Facebook that caused some controversy. The image in question had one officer show the "OK" hand symbol which is a majorly popular game among kids and people on social media. That was mistaken for a racist gesture. The Matawan Police Department removed the post when an uninformed Facebook user thought it meant something that was tied to "white power" but didn't realize the hand gesture was something else.

The "OK" hand gesture is a fun game that most males played in grade school and has absolutely nothing to do with racism or white power. The game is quite fun, although sophomoric, and I still play it myself. It is very sad that someone would mistake it for something that's not even remotely close to the truth.

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How does it work?

Here's how the game works. First, you get your friend to look at the OK hand sign that you made. If they look at it, then they have to put their finger in it and break the hole. If they don't cut the hole, then you get to punch them on the arm. It's a playful game, not meant to hurt anyone, but mostly a "caught you looking" kinda thing. 

If the friend puts their finger in the hole in time, then they escape the unfathomable friendly punch. That's how it was played in the 90s. Now it's a new thing going viral on social media. People are making hilarious memes and viral videos showing the "OK" hand symbol.

It's so funny that even Amazon got involved. I was returning a pair of gloves that didn't fit. I noticed something odd in the picture of the gloves. Whoever was selling the gloves made the "OK" hand gesture to me! I thought that was hilarious! I laughed so hard that I took a screenshot to show you.

It's a shame that someone thought that was racist. I can't believe some of the nonsense that happens on social media. I respect the police department for doing something funny, hip, and within the realm of current trends. It shows that they're trying to relate to the public in a humorous, lighthearted, and fun way. It's great that they're doing that. It's just sad that someone was so uninformed that they mixed a fun kid's game with racism.

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An innocent gesture in one corner of the Internet can take on a much more sinister significance in other reaches of the online universe.  

That, says a Monmouth County police chief, is exactly what happened when his department posted a picture to Facebook Thursday showing an officer using a hand sign sometimes associated with white supremacism.

In that vein, a picture of some officers posted during Thursday's blizzard included a caption jokingly referring to them as "specially trained 'cuddlers'" who can be called upon to assist if residents lose heat.

Great job to the Matawan Police Department for staying cool with the public. That's what we need. We all need to get along in the best way possible, and everyone loves sharing a good joke or fun game together.

It's a shame there's always someone to ruin the fun.

Just remember folks, if someone shows you the "OK" hand gesture, then you've got about three seconds to react! Have fun with it!

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