Police say 95% of the 400+ arrested traveled from outside the city

SANTA MONICA - Police report that over 400 people were arrested amid looting and chaos and that about 95% of them had traveled into the city from other locations to participate in the madness.

It was Police Chief Cynthia Renaud, of Santa Monica, who reported the amount of arrests during a press conference and spoke out about the majority of people being from other cities.

Those arrested face charges including, but not limited to, assault, looting, and of course - curfew violations put in place.

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Santa Monica police posted the following on social media, "Last night there were approximately 438 arrests. Charges include looting, assault with a deadly weapon, assault on an officer & curfew violations. The safety of #SantaMonica is our top priority. We thank you for staying home and abiding by today's 130pm curfew orders."

Bill Melugin was on the scene at one point and reported the following, "Here’s what happened in Santa Monica. I was at a very peaceful protest/march down Montana just 20 minutes ago that had zero issues. At some point, a separate crowd of scumbags formed and have decided to go hit the Promenade area and loot it."

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