Should political signs be considered vandalism?

Politicians are behind the rectangular eyesores you see everywhere during elections. This political graffiti, administered in forms of signs bearing last names and positions, is a bit of a waste of money and I don't think it changes anyone's mind. Money politician?s waste could be used for something constructive. I have not ever changed my mind because of a political sign, but I have gotten annoyed at them. They kinda ruin your visual tour of wherever you're traveling. I want to see nice scenery, not the name signs all over.   Political propaganda is visually distracting to what could be a delightful environment. They may have permission to post signs all over as long as they remove them afterwards, but what if I knock down a political sign? Is that me committing a crime or is the politician littering? What if I collect all the signs from the particular candidate I don't approve of, then after elections put them all back a month later when there are NO elections for anything? I think that would be hilarious. Maybe I could even schedule voting times at random the YWCA. Then again, I'd probably be the one in trouble, right? So that's a bad idea. Might be funny to remove signs, but it's just a bad idea overall. Better to ignore signs you don't like. The one thing I can think of that's worse than the visual distractions provided by ineffective political signs is the awful prerecorded phone calls. One time Bill Clinton himself called me. Just turned out that he said the exact same thing to everyone else too. I thought I was special. Nope. Just another guy getting prank called by a telemarketing political call. What if I put my name on signs everywhere? Is that legal to plaster your name everywhere if you're not a politician? Or is that considered vandalism?

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