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Politician banned from Facebook because his full name is offensive

A man named Luc Anus, 26, wanted to become a council candidate in his hometown of Lobbes in Belgium.  Unfortunately, his campaigning efforts on Facebook came to a halt when he was banned because his real name is considered inappropriate or offensive.

He's a Socialist Party candidate, which is unfortunate as well. Maybe it's a good thing he was suspended!  We all know socialism doesn't work. Just ask your friends in Venezuela!

Other voters have called on Anus to change his family name to something more appropriate.
Anus said he is unfazed by all the jokes and negative comments about his name, adding: "I can deal with it."
On Facebook, Anus had to adjust his name to 'Luc Anu' after the American social media company banned his real surname for being too offensive.
Anus said: "Facebook just does not accept my name."

Apparently, there's 49 other people with the same last name in that area. It's just funny that his last name is Anus, but it shouldn't be considered offensive. It's just a word.

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