Politician's Live Press Conference Accidentally Streamed With Cat Filter

We can probably agree that doing the laundry or digging a hole is more fun than watching political press conferences. Still, there are notable exceptions as demonstrated by Shaukat Yousafzai, a Pakistani politician who became an Internet sensation overnight thanks to his live stream video on Facebook that accidentally had a silly filter left on it.

Mr. Yousafzai was all serious while briefing local journalist, and by the look on his face, it must have been something important and not funny at all. The whole thing was broadcasted over the Facebook page of his political party, when someone, somehow turned on the cat filter!


Poor Mr. Yousafzai became a feline with cute pink ears and whiskers, but the same thing happened to his two colleagues, sitting next to him! The whole thing was hilarious as they were still looking serious and had no idea what is going on until the briefing ended. Cute cat filter has been active for a few minutes only, which was more than enough to get the attention of the world.

After he learned about what happened, Mr. Yousafzai tried to play down the situation, saying that it was a mistake and that no one should make too much fuss about it. The party quickly deleted the video, but it was too late, as it was already all over the internet. His party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) claimed that the incident was a human error and said that everything had been done to prevent such incidents.

While this might cause embarrassment to some people, the reactions on social networks are positive. Lots of people are claiming this is the only way that they've could watch politicians, and one commentator summed it all up by saying that these kind of errors are welcome because they make people smile.


He also reminded everyone that there are not many things to be happy about these days.

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