Poor Urban America should stop voting Democrat


If you were asked for a list of really poor cities that may have once been great, then you'll notice that each city has one very specific thing in common. They all have Democrat mayors. Years and years of democrat leadership continues to run urban cities into the ground. But does the democrat mayor of each city care?


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They have a job for four to eight years and they're always well taken care of in terms of salary and benefits. If the poor urban cities keep failing and going broke, then why do Democrats keep getting elected? It's easy. They pander to minorities who are searching for an answer. They keep telling minorities they'll fix this once great town or they'll do this or that - then they don't. They tell unions they'll do something great for them, but then they don't.

Why do people keep electing democrat mayors if nothing gets done? Well some people have an utter hatred for republicans and the GOP, but would the right wingers do any worse? How come the most poor cities in America are NOT run by republicans? That's because republicans are better at running cities.

Let's look at a few American cities ruined by democrat leadership.

Flint, Michigan

84 years of democrat leadership and look where Detroit is. It's a dumpster. One of the worst cities in America. Don't even have clean drinking water. It's like a third world country. Why give a quarter a month to starving babies in Africa when you can send a quarter a month to kids in Flint?

Detroit, Michigan

One of the most dangerous cities in America is filled with bankruptcy, crime, and political corruption. Hasn't had a republican in office since 1957. And you thought republicans were corrupt? Have you seen Detroit lately? Once great motor city now a broken city with 78,000 abandoned homes, $20 billion in debt, and only 53% of the people are literate.

Chicago, Illinois

Hasn't had a right wing mayor since1927. Has declined since. One of the most dangerous cities on the planet. Obama's hometown with strict gun laws and a murder count that makes you think it's the beach of Normandy. The city can't even afford itself and has to be bailed out.

St. Louis, Missouri

With Democrat mayors since 1949, this city has become one of the most poverty stricken dirt holes on the map. Very dangerous and poor leads to people everywhere being angry, but still doesn't help their football team win games. Some of the worst schools in the country because they have no funding, just like Philadelphia schools.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

No GOP mayors since 1952, has neighborhoods that look like ISIS bombed them, and is so poorly run that they can barely afford to keep schools open. Mismanaged money at the administration level of the School District of Philadelphia puts 30-60 kids in a class, broken down buildings that look like abandoned prisons, and not enough teachers to fill the schools. Send a quarter a month to help the kids afford supplies for the schools, because the schools don't have money for anything. People upstairs swindled it all, and it wasn't the republicans that did it. 28% of residents live in poverty. Has one of the lowest credit ratings. Sanctuary city that got a child raped because Mayor Jim Kenney reactivated the sanctuary city status.

Baltimore, Maryland

Democrat mayor since 1960 and the city is more known for being a crime haven than anything. Sometimes wins football games, but that isn't enough to pull a city away from being a crime magnet.

Oakland, California

Democrat mayor since 1960 and is also a dumping ground for breeding criminals and broke people. I'm sure the mayor lives a good life, but what about everyone else?

Newark, New Jersey Hasn't had a republican mayor since early 1962. Newark is best known for having an airport that's sometimes a few bucks cheaper than Philadelphia International Airport, but that's it. The rest of Newark resembles the bottom of an old trashcan which was apparent in it's rating of the 5th worst city to live in a 2015 survey. Every democrat mayor of Newark since 1952, except Cory Booker, has been indicted for crimes.

Cincinnati, Ohio

Killed Harambe, started widespread memes, 50+% child poverty rate and no republican mayor since 1984.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

No republican mayors since 1908 and they're still poor. If you haven't pulled yourself up from the gutter in 105 years, then you're doing something wrong. They also protest and burn down their own neighborhood when a criminal is eliminated. You think they would be smart enough to stop voting the wrong way.

Buffalo, New York

Only Detroit and Camden have higher child poverty rates than Buffalo. This city is covered in snow and broke people. It has lost 11% of it's population over the last ten years. People don't like it in Buffalo anymore. They're tired of living in a city of broke people and democrat mayors since 1965.

El Paso, Texas

No republican mayors since 1873 and the city is $893 million in debt. Democrat mayor wanted a 4% tax increase to make the public pay for the inability for a city to manage a budget.

Camden, New Jersey

56.7 child poverty rate, second most dangerous city, and no republican mayors since 1936.  

Does anyone see a pattern in those democrat run cities? Maybe the fact that democrats seem like they're unable to manage a budget? I believe they pander minorities for votes, then once they get the votes, they just do whatever they want. Republicans would probably run these cities out from under the rug and turn them into successful hubs of jobs and less poverty.

There will be poverty in every city, but when your poverty levels are THAT high and your people are illiterate because the democrats won't fund schools, and the city is close to filing for bankruptcy, then you need to switch teams and stop voting for democrats.

People think republicans are the enemy, the worst thing in the world, the evil government.

That's not true.

Republicans and the GOP aren't just for rich fancy people. They would more than likely do a better job running any one of the democrat cities. When the evidence is clear and the people don't make change, then you have to wonder why? Why aren't the republicans winning elections in these cities? What's wrong with the voters? Why do voters continue this pattern of failure?

Time to make a change with your vote.

If your city is already a dump, then stop voting democrat and take a chance with republicans. It's not going to get much worse than it already is. You have nothing to lose at this point.