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Pregnant Wife Trapped in House, Husband Grabs the Chainsaw

Having a new baby is supposed to be a wonderful experience for both husband and wife. Things got off to a crazy start for couple Heather Yavaliollah and Mehrvarz Yavaliollah who live in suburban Atlanta. Due to a storm that hit as a result of Hurricane Irma, they became trapped in their home when a tree fell and was blocking their front door. Heather had gone into labor with her twins and had no easy way out, this was when her husband Mehrvarz jumped into action.

Racing outside into the garden towards the shed he grabbed a chainsaw which they stored under garden furniture. Racing back he began to cut away at the tree outside of their home which was blocking their exit. Neighbors saw Mehrvarz cutting away at the tree outside their home and ran over to help him clear the exit. Moving limbs that he had cut away from the tree into the street.

Once the exit was clear, Heather and Mehrvarz jumped into their truck however, still things didn't quite go to plan for them both when their truck that they were using refused to start.

Luck was finally on the couples side and Heather Yavaliollah gave birth to healthy twin boys named Stuart and Solomon a month earlier than expected.

No one plans a storm and no one can plan when they go into labor - it just happens whenever it wants.


I am very happy to see that Heather was able to make it to the hospital, despite the problem she faced with a tree blocking her way. Being in pain and having the stress of being blocked in from a storm is enough to make things worse for you and the babies.

Being someone who is easy panicked, a situation like this would definitely frighten me and make me feel as though I was not capable of dealing with it.  Heather seemed to be really calm during this ordeal. Fingers crossed her two sons are as calm as she is now that they are in the world! Or will they take after Irma and give her a crazy time?

Have you ever experienced a similar birth story?


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